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  1. I

    Fed up with jerky drone pan shots? This maybe the problem.

    The Camera pan.. got to be one of the trickiest Aerial drone shots to get right..
  2. UnlimiteDrone

    Best camera settings for Mavic 2 Pro (guide)

    Greetings I would like to share with you my camera settings guide. Take a look and tell me what you think about it. Was it helpful. Do you have suggestions or something to add or? Let me know it and thank you! Link below Best camera settings for Mavic 2 Pro
  3. K

    DJI Mavic Green Water

    Hello all! First post here and fairly new Mavic Owner! I've been taking some photos/videos in Clearwater FL, and I ended up buying PolarPro ND filters to try them out. In my photos/video I ended up with _really_ green water. I'm curious if it was due to a camera setting I may have changed or...
  4. mlash

    Blurry Footage on the Mavic Air

    I bought my Air brand new a couple weeks ago. I was finding that the video was a little blurry. After looking into the settings a little more I found that the video was set to "PAL" instead of "NTSC" which is what we use here in the States. After I changed the setting to NTSC it was all good. I...
  5. M

    Switching between DJI & Litchi...Settings

    Anyone else have the problem of when going between these two apps, settings being reversed back to the default? Example, when I use Litchi it turns my status LEDs off everytime, then in DJI I have to go back and turn them back on. Also, my Fn and C2 shortcuts for the Mavic Air are reverted back...
  6. UnlimiteDrone

    Guide about camera settings for Mavic Air

    Hey guys, I want to share with you a well explained guide about the optimal camera settings. What settings do you use? Do you agree with the guide? "The Best Camera Settings for DJI Mavic Air"
  7. William Ball

    Advise on active track settings

    Hi All, I did a short active track test this morning in 6 degree weather, yes 6 degrees F. But the wind had not picked up yet. Anyway I digress. I did a test of active track and noticed the quad is quite jumpy and the video shows the "jerkyness" of the quad. Should I adjust the braking to...
  8. RawRock

    Settings storage

    So I have a Mavic coming in the mail this week and am about to begin my studies into all things Mavic Pro Platinum and DJI goggles RE. So I have a iPad with low GB that is hooked up with my cellular plan and I have unlimited data plan. This should be perfect for my Mavic adventures, correct...
  9. P

    Sync Litchi settings between devices

    I'm using DJI Go4 and Litchi on an iPhone 8 as my primary control for my Mavic Pro. However from time to time I like to use the larger screen on an iPad mini 4. This works fine but I can't find a way of ensuring any setting changes I make on the iPhone are reflected on the iPad without doing it...
  10. M

    My general settings menu is missing options.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I remember there being several more options than just 2. How can I get them back? Thanks.
  11. G

    Blurry / Soft image on Mavic video footages

    Hi, I know it's quite a recurring topic but I didn't find a solution yet, and my problem doesn't seem like the many cases of soft image only on the edges. So, when I first started using the Mavic, I didn't get any problem and the images were quite clear all the time (see this video if you...
  12. T

    Getting app settings to stick

    Hi all, I find that most time that I open the DJI GO 4 app (android) I have to go through the settings because they have changed. For example: -Cache to SD card always resets to phone memory -Camera setting shoot Jpeg + Raw likes to reset to just Jpeg I'm not talking about after an update, but...
  13. Robert S

    Litchi: How do I set mission settings in Mission Hub?

    I have been editing missions on the web-based Litchi Mission Hub, but I can't find any option to alter the mission settings (heading mode, finish action path mode etc) - there's an icon on the Android app, but there's no such button on the web-based interface. Also - you can edit mission...
  14. JohnRobinson

    Evening / Night quality problems and confusion

    Hi everyone. I have been playing around with my Mavic now for the last 2 weeks trying to get some decent pictures and video in late evening and at night. I see some videos out there like this one: Youtube 1 and this one: Youtube 2 and I cannot get anywhere near this quality. I have watched and...
  15. J

    Do we not need any sort of EMF protection from the RC? thoughts

    After a couple of month of extensive Mavic-Video watching and contemplating; my Mavic Pro has finally arrived; bought it just week before going on cruises for the very first time.(Alaska) Flew the Mavic 3 days on the roll at a park near my house for a total flight time of 55mins. but for some...
  16. G

    Auto tripod mode for landing

    I almost went into the lake yesterday when a slight unexpected gust threw me off target after my drone accepted the landing zone and began descending. My over corrections didn't help any. That being said if maybe I had toned down controls and also the ability to adjust height on my own instead...
  17. M

    Gimbal Roll value

    Dear community. I purchased my mavic from someone. Today I found out that the setting was at -0.5 at the gimbal roll. Shouldn't it be 0.0 if everything was okay? Thank you in advance.
  18. S

    Best hovering.

    Does anyne know which setting or best way to get the most steady hovering on the Mavic. Im currently on firmware .550 since I tried to update to .700 but was havign all sorts of problem. thanks
  19. chillibenny

    DJI Mavic Pro - Config Settings Backup Software

    Is anyone aware of software that can backup the config for the DJI Go 4's settings & parameters? I've had other apps change the settings on connection which frustrates the crap out of me. I've almost got all the settings tweaked to the way I like it...
  20. O

    Remove height limitation (Solved - Not Possible)

    How to I fly higher than the max altitude? Im outside the US and in really remote places, but still can't pass the height limit? Can I use Litchi or another app to do it?