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  1. Dragonfly1

    New Mavic - IMU calibration hangs up and does not complete

    I am operating on the Phantom P3P theory which recommended calibrating a new unit, and the IMU calibration doesn't seem to complete. It's been going for 20 minutes now, which seems like a LONG time to me. Similar problem with firmware update. Not sure what to do about it ... any suggestions...
  2. G

    [IMU]heading exception (In Flight)

    Anybody got this message? What does it mean? The full message on Healthy Drones reads: "Warning:[IMU]heading exception (In Flight) please switch to atti mode if craft behave abnormally" Was flying in cold weather (-10C) at a very high geographical latitude (Northernmost Finland, 69.37N). Not...
  3. F

    Brand New Mavic Replacement - IMU and Compass - Propellors

    So i recently finally received my replacement Mavic after it was sent with a damage gimbal. It took almost a month for them to replace it okay about 3 weeks ..... and after calling customer service multiple times every other day i finally talked to a manager and was on a two day shipping list so...
  4. C

    IMU Calibration Camera Shake.

    When doing a IMU calibration DJI states that you don't want any vabration, but when I am doing one and I am at the stage of pointing the camera to the sky the camera knocks around and causes the Mavic to virate very badly. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to put the Mavic in a different...
  5. N

    Shakey camera in sport mode - normal or something I can fix?

    Hi all Sorry for my various posts looking for help.. I think I've 'almost' got everything to do with my Mavic figured out, but there's a couple more things I want to sort out. The first is this: When I fly full out in sports mode, there's a bump that occurs during filming. Well, there's a...
  6. D

    IMU calibration

    Twist n Shout Just thought this needs to put in the right place as so many have asked me.
  7. S

    Slow IMU initialization and Sensor errors?

    I can't be the only one having these issues, but I did not see it mentioned anywhere. After updating the firmware for my Mavic Pro, about 70% of the time I turn it on it sits at "IMU Initialization. Please do not move or turn off aircraft" comes up and sits there for at least 5 minutes. And...