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  1. U

    DJI Air 2S Crash IMU Initialisation Failed Code 30084, 30056, 30055

    Hi, DJI community. I am a happy owner of DJI Ar 2s. The AC experienced a crash a few weeks back. The left leg was broken, which I successfully replaced. After I put the Aircraft back together, I started getting Navigation System Error 30105. Gimbal calibration error 40011. (Gimbal calibrates...
  2. D

    Mavic Air IMU overheats during calibration (Error 13)

    Hi everybody, I am receiving the IMU calibration error 13 and I am stuck on step 1. It never crashed just wasn’t flown over the winter. I already tried the following: put an ice pack on it during calibration Put it in the freezer an then started the calibration Gave it a few taps on the back...
  3. N


    Good morning guys, VIDEO LINK: VIDEO MAVIC AIR - Google Drive I bought a new Mavic Air in the US, brought it to Brazil...on my first flights, the drone had this problem and almost crashed. At the time I sent it to assistance in the US, but they denied the warranty claiming that the drone was...
  4. Z

    mavic mini 1 imu/gps board

    anyone in uk can sell this part? or any link to order it from china
  5. S

    Mavic Air 2 RPY Gimbal Extraction?

    Hi, I would like to ask if it's possible to get data of RPY corrections of the Gimbal itself for the Air 2? And also is it possible to get the RPY data of the Air 2 from its IMU? I think I saw this feature from the P4 series but I would like to verify if somebody knows how to do this in Air 2...
  6. C

    Mavic not working after not being used.

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I bought my Mavic air about 18 months ago. It got used a few times the first six months but then we had a baby and It got packed away as the time wasn't really there. It had no crashes and was packed away safely. I took it out today and as...
  7. RBT_Richard

    IMU error ACC0 0.01

    I had a head-on collision with the drone and now the gimbal does not stabilize the camera. Tried a factory reset, compass calibration, and IMU calibration, and all the steps completed successfully. When I turn on the drone, the check does everything correctly. All 3 gimbal motors work, but then...
  8. S

    Mavic 2 Pro crashed with IMU switch - what went wrong?

    Hi, my Mavic 2 Profall out of the sky into the ocean (not recoverable). This were the last seconds of my drone: The drone was about 200m height, the video transmission look suddenly as if my mavic went upside down. Then i lost the video transmission. The app told me that the aircraft is going...
  9. gallu

    Crashed Mavic Pro, now the gimbal spin randomly

    Problem? The gimbal on my drone keeps spinning around, even without any commands from the phone/remote controller. I don't know why it does that, the UI on the phone keeps saying "Gimbal overloaded", the calibration fails every time. Was unit in a crash? Yes, it has crashed on a branch of a...
  10. A

    Mavic air 2 imu error after crash

    Hello guys. So to keep it in short after a crash my new mavic air 2 turns on, connects but doesnt fly due to imu error. It says preparing to flight and does nothing basically. Says it is due to imu thing error code 30066. I tried recalibrating everything, even reloaded the software from pc but...
  11. R

    IMU Error

    Hello everyone! Hoping someone can help me out here! So the other day my girlfriend was moving things around on the kitchen table and she knocked my Mavic 2 Pro (in its hard shell case and strapped in gimbal cover on) off of the table. I immediately picked it up and went to check if it was...
  12. I

    8 Pin connector issue - Accelerometer failed

    Hello everyone! My Mavic Air which has been spot on - absolutely amazing had its first very small accident. Decided to try the auto return home and on decent it was about 2 metres away from take-off position and I took over the control and somehow got it all wrong ( I am a good pilot normally)...
  13. C

    IMU locations

    Good evening all, I know that the Mavic Pro has 2 IMUs. 1. Does anyone have a diagram showing exactly where they are. 2. If you know where thy are, do you know whivh one has ACC1 and which one has ACC2 3. If both of these have been addressed, does anyone know where I can buy the IMUs...
  14. E

    New firmware - IMU calibration and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions ? I have watched the recommended video, done precisely as it recommends, but...
  15. E

    Calibrating IMU and other issues

    1. Just updated to newest firmware. Afterwards I have had several issues - drift during flight amongst them. I am calibrating the IMU according to DJI´s video instructions - it remains stuck on step 2 - any solutions. 2. I got a message that compass needed calibrating. I tried to do so but got...
  16. I

    Errors - compass, gps, IMU

    Hello, i got my Mavic pro almost half a year! But last flights i always get some errors. I'm running latest update, i did compass calibration, IMU calibration! Did not have any crash before! I'm flying in open area 200-500m from me with good signal, good satellite no metal interference and...
  17. D

    Mavic Air IMU Calibration

    I just opened the new mavic but it gives me this error (IMU Calibration, Accelerometer Failed, Gimbal cannot receive MC data.) How can I resolve?
  18. A

    IMU won't calibrate

    After updating to the latest version, and playing around with the flight simulator for a while, I was going to update some settings when I noticed a compass calibration warning. The calibration didn't seem to work in my office so I took it outside where I also noticed an IMU update warning which...
  19. Crixus1

    IMU Readings

    A lot of tutorials show how to proceed with IMU calibration, and that;s great! But, I can find nothing on what the readings should actually look like when completed. I proceeded with an IMU calibratation after having installed he latest firmaware. The process was a breeze. But after having done...
  20. jimheid

    Why does an IMU need to warm up?

    This is a "I'm curious to know what's going on under the hood" question, not a problem report. I'm writing some stuff about the Mavic Pro and would love to include some technical details on what's happening during IMU warmup. Does the IMU actually need to be at a prescribed temperature to work...