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intelligent flight mode

  1. L

    How to fly a drone front of a forward moving car?

    How to shoot a forward moving car (or boat, person, etc.) from the front (ie, the drone flies backward front of the car)? Tracking from the top/above, from behind, form the side works well, could not figure our how to do from the front.
  2. OneQuickSix

    Max altitude when using the Intelligent Flight/FocusTrack Modes

    Any idea what the max (practical) drone altitude would be to keep a reliable lock on a person (say walking or jogging) would be? Is 150 feet too high (i.e. the person would be too small in the sensor to reliably track)? If not, what is too high? Thanks!
  3. Kelpfish

    Focusing in various Intelligent Flight modes

    Hey everyone, First post. Been poking around the forums and they are very helpful. Had a few questions around focusing in Intelligent Flight Modes. I am finding very little online regarding what focusing tactics I must be responsible for in the various Intelligent flight modes. I think a...
  4. Y

    Dji Go 4 app on iPhone X problem

    Hi, I have a Mavic Air. While my iPhone conected to the controller and I enter the intelligent flight modes I can see only 8 icon (missing waypoints for example), and at the moment I disconcets the iPhone from the controller cable, the screen shows just the only 5 phone pairing intelligent...
  5. P

    Intelligent flight mode help!

    First off I'm using the galaxy Note 8. I know dji go4 works better on ios. I've seen videos of users flying the mavic pro and using multiple different flight modes. The newer ones at that. Yet my drone is updated and I don't see any of them. I have the base modes that were there when I bought...
  6. Air Or

    New twist on old problem?: No POI mode on iPad but have it on Android!

    After going through the 2017 threads about getting POI mode to show up, ensuring the airplane is in P mode, not Sport mode, enabling Intelligent Flight Modes, (or turning Intelligent Flight Mode off if it was on -which worked for a few people), looking for the IFM menu when aloft instead of on...
  7. B

    No Intelligent Flight Mode and Tracking.

    Arrived in Maui couple of days ago. Updated current firmware in my Air. Now I do not have the intelegent flight mode icon on my ipad or iphone screen UNLESS I select beginers mode but they will not work in beginners mode ( I tried it) . If I try to fly out of beginners mode the Air will not...
  8. R

    MA flew itself into Active Track subject

    Has anyone else had an MA fly itself into something while in one of it's Intelligent Flight Modes? We were testing out the Active Track functionality today by have it lock on to the Inspire and follow it around. The first try it worked pretty well for a minute but then lost the track, as it...
  9. jontracey

    Chasing a Tesla with Active Track mode

    HI Guys Had some great feedback on the videos I have been posting, here is one from a while ago when I was playing with active track modes. I thought i would push it a little to see if the drone could keep a Tesla in shot while it was accelerating away, see for yourself our little drone is a...
  10. tonimaker

    Can not access the intelligent flight modes! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi there! I've had the Mavic Pro for a week now, and everything is fine, except for one thing. I can't access the intelligent flight modes on the Mavic Pro. I followed all the instructions. I am in p-mode, the battery is over 50%, and I am higher than 3 meters from the ground! When I select...
  11. T

    Help with intelligent flight modes

    Hello, I am brand new at flying the Mavic Pro (only got mine a few weeks ago). I have more or less only flown manually so far as I have yet to find instructions online on intelligent flight modes. Could anyone recommend a place on the internet with good explanations on the intelligent flight...
  12. Fireblade

    Follow me feature - on elevation changes.. Seems to dive down?? lol (vid inside)

    Hey guys, so I was trying to do some follow me footage, but even after increasing the height high enough, the mavic keeps diving to the ground eventually lol. You can tell from the vid that it was fairly high enough right? What gives? Could it be because the cell signal here is spotty? Or...