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  1. asyrafss

    Hello from Malacca,Malaysia

    Hi all. I'm Asyraf from Malacca, Malaysia. Amateur pilot for mavic 2 Pro. Nice to meet you all. Your advice and opinion about knowledge in operating Mavic 2 Pro and other things is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. S

    New Pilot Checkin from NY

    I look forward to engaging and getting to know the group! I love the drone community and I am excited to be apart of this! - Sean -- Long Island, NY
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    New Mavic Zoom Pilot from Mt. St. Helens!

    Hi everyone! After learning to fly with the DJI Spark over the past 8 months I purchased the Mavic 2 Zoom last week. It's such a huge leap above the Spark, flying it has been pure joy! Here's one of my first photos taken with it: I have a ton of awesome aerial videos taken with the Spark on...
  4. M

    Hello there, from the High Desert of Southern California!

    I just thought I'd say hi. I'm a new pilot and drone enthusiast. I've recently gotten back into photography and I'm exploring the avenue that drones open to photographers. I'm interested to see what others are doing and to share my limited knowledge. I'm looking to be a better pilot and to open...
  5. A

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks

    Got my drone (mavic air) a couple of months ago. Learned to use it around where I live (Upstate NY) and was a happy user it on my trip to Hawaii two weeks ago. I did not post here any questions so far. I had plenty of questions to ask, but each one of those was already answered here and I found...
  6. mrseancurran

    Hello from Brighton

    Hi all I'm Sean, a Graphic Designer from Brighton, UK. Just bought a Mavic Air FMC and am eager to get to know it more! Also any drone pilots in Brighton/East Sussex, hit me up. Would be keen to learn from a few of you and head out on flights together. Peace.
  7. D

    I'm from Delaware :-)

    I've been lurking around for the last month or so and thought I would now introduce myself. New to drones and slowly getting the hang of the Mavic Pro, which is a ton of fun. I live in central Delaware so there are lots of places to fly, unlike in the DC area where my family resides. The...
  8. NRYaggie

    Hi from Columbia, SC

    Hi everyone. I'm Nick from Columbia, SC. Just got my Mavic on Saturday and took it out for its first flight yesterday. Today I flew it in to a tree and lost two sets of propellers. Guess I need to be a little more careful :) Let's see what this baby can do.