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iphone x

  1. rossmoney

    Why 2.7K is the best. (for me)

    Hey All! Here is a quick Apple based visual aid of their resolutions including the Mavic Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro. Highlighted in red are the ones I use most frequently. I film in 2.7k because I rarely crop my footage. Also, it saves SO much space shooting in a lower resolution. As most...
  2. M

    Austria and Bavaria 4K (amazing places)

    Travelling around Austria and Bavaria with iPhone X and DJI Mavic Pro. Beautiful places!
  3. Woolnut

    Does anyone use their Mavic with an iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus?

    Hi All, I am due to upgrade my device at some point in the next month or so and i have heard before about the newer iPhone models not being supported by DJI GO 4? Does anyone here use an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X with their Mavic? I have found a few posts on the DJI Forums however they...
  4. I

    Disconnect, crash, and customer service

    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. I was hoping that my first forum post would be words of excitement about my new Mavic (bought in December), however, I've had nothing by disconnects, random hoovers, and finally a full crash into a gazebo as a result of constant disconnects! I've read so...
  5. N

    dji go 4 apps crashes when playing back flight records

    Hi, every time I replay last fight (or touch anything in flight recorder) the DJI go 4 app crashed on my iPhone X. Does anyone else have this issue? can the fights data/recorder be viewed elsewhere? I want to view some logs of how the flight went from a technical side not just from the...
  6. P

    How to save photo to camera roll (Iphone X)

    I can't find in the camera roll the photos I take. The app Dji Go 4 has the permission to read and write to the camera roll (see attach), and I turned on the "cache during video shooting" option in the app. Someone who already had and solved this problem? Thank you. Paolo
  7. A

    iPhone X Mavic Pro.

    Has anyone tried Mavic Pro with IPhone X. I got mine on Friday and haven’t tried yet. This comes with iOS 11 by default and I was having issues with iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 Plus.
  8. jontracey

    Iphone X - Mavic pro - we have a problem.

    Today was iPhone X day, after unboxing and installing I rushed out to try it on my Mavic and ran straight into an problem.
  9. TheoMatthias

    iPhone X vs. 7.85" CrystalSky (HB)

    I've been doing some research to decide whether I should consider the purchase of an iPhone X or a 7.85" High Brightness CrystalSky. Note that I already have an iPhone 6 and a 9.7 iPad Pro (128gb) and I use the iPad for piloting the Mavic. I don't mind dedicating a device to the Mavic, but it...
  10. Vilco

    Finally! A phone that costs as much as the Mavic!

    Can't wait to see someone buying this iPhone X and then bitching about his DJI GO App crashing ;)