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  1. B

    Strobe lights/spot lights/any lights: What to do?

    Hi all. Quick question: I enjoy flying at night but would really like to 'spice things up a little' regarding adding lights to my drone. What are your thoughts on what to try? I am a little confused my strobes, etc...?
  2. N

    Lights for Mavic 2 Pro

    This works pretty well... more for visual than seeing in the dark. Anyone got any other ideas? The lights are Serfas Thunderbolts... Around $25 each... I could see them easily 1km away on strobe. They are around 40grams each. Took a couple of km/h off the top speed. See video link below for...
  3. C

    The Best Drone Lights Ever???

    Are the STROBON Cree® Standalone Strobelight The Best You Can Buy For Your Drone?
  4. O

    Two middle lights of battery won’t turn off

    I tried to update my Mavic from 01.04.0000 to the latest version (of 28th Nov.) and the the update did not complete by some reason. To DJI GO4 app asked to try again, and so I did, over and over again. The percentage of the update did never passed 9%. Then the two middle lights of the...
  5. P

    Strobon Lights Mavic Pro (Dusk/Dark)

    My new Strobon Lights Mavic Pro (Dusk/Dark) what is your thinking on my setup.? Do you reckon any of them will cause any interruption in Satellites or GPS or even any of the workings of MP..Look forward to any advice. Cheers & thank you. PS: Unable to upload video clip currently, it's mp4 but...
  6. P


    Hello from Ireland, The Stroban Cee Lights & Flash Fill in Light is it safe to place them on certain places on the Mavic Pro....see this video clip link where they are you think that is a safe place from the point of Satelittes/GPS contact???
  7. pcalvin

    Mavic anti-collision lights and Part 107

    According to the FAA, to flight at twilight/dusk the SUA must have anti-collision lights that can be seen at 3 statute miles. Are the lights on the Mavic Pro that bright? Are they in compliance with that regulation? Thanks
  8. Adamcain112

    Anyone heard of this company Looks interesting
  9. kcoleman805

    Triple Flashing Lights

    Just took my Mavic for a flight using two batteries. Finished flying and brought my Mavic inside to charge the batteries. I placed my two batteries into the charging dock, as I usually do, and when I did so the light on the charging dock went red. And the green light closest to the power switch...
  10. N

    Strobon - Standalone LED Strobe: Configurations

    So I've seen a fair few people talk about Strobon both on here and in other places, and htink it would be really beneficial to have. I'd just be interested to have a consolidated report from those who have them as to what their configuration of their selected Strobon's are and their placement...
  11. DownandLocked

    Mavic Lights - are they legal for twilight flight?

    I have purchased but not received a Mavic. Part 107 requires appropriate anti-collision lights to fly during twilight as they define it. Do the stock lights on the Mavic meet the 107 requirement or are additional lights needed?