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  1. Yaros

    Keep track of charge cycles of drone batteries with an app

    This might seem ridiculous to some extent, but I have created an app to keep track of my battery cycles of my Mavic Air 2. I have my 3 batteries labeled with a number (from 1 to 3), and every time I charge one of the batteries completely, I increment the counter in the app, very simple. And...
  2. Yaros

    How many charge cycles did YOUR batteries last?

    I own the Mavic Air 2 for almost 8 months now and I'm happy with the flight time and features. All of my 3 batteries have around 100 cycles on each. I normally fly the battery down to 15 - 25% I didn't notice any change in performance from when I got the drone, it flies very well, close to the...
  3. Yaros

    How does the battery discharge timer work for Mavic Air 2 LiPos?

    Hello, I have charged my ma2 batteries this Sunday the 28th of November but never flew. Then yesterday I updated the firmware for all of them and re-charged them again (from 92% to 100%). Tomorrow I'm planning a flight, but I don't want to end up in a situation where I go far away from home and...
  4. I

    I opened a old DJI Mav Air2/ Air2S Battery, here is what's inside as compared to 1550mah lipo battery

    See attached images. The Internal lipo pack of the DJI is the one without cables. Note that the cells are slightly separated with foam inserts for cooling. Just though some of you would want to see what's inside, if you haven't seen it allready.
  5. C

    Dji mini 2 optimal charging

    Hi, I have a question, when I recharge the batteries of my mini 2 do I have to wait for the 4 LED lights to turn off or is it enough to wait until all four are on? I ask this because I have just purchased this drone and with the first recharge all four leds have been on for a long time (at...
  6. Aviaero

    Swap Mavic Mini Samsung cells with lightweight Lipo cells??

    Now we all know the 2400 mAh Samsung cells Mavic Mini uses is pretty heavy :confused: (not sure why DJI chose this over any typical 2S LiPo battery). Looking carefully around pictures online of stripped Mavic Mini batteries, can't we simply swap the soldered terminals of the Samsung cells with...
  7. O

    Mavic pro BMS bypass

    Hello, I balanced one of my batteries to my mavic pro using a lipo cell balancer with no problems. I tried a new broken battery and did the same thing, unfortunately the battery seems bricked, and after fullly charging it and plugging it back in to the charger the #3 led flashes. By looking at...
  8. SkyIScrape

    No LiPO batteries allowed on Allegiant Airlines = No drones allowed

    Just getting ready for my vacation to Florida and per Allegiant Airlines customer service (after being on hold 32 minutes) no drones permitted. When I asked for clarification, the customer service rep said LiPO batteries cannot be carried on or checked, therefore you cannot bring a drone, in my...
  9. jag32266

    Travel with Lipo batteries advice

    On the TSA blog there is some dated material that is still referenced by the current TSA blog- Travel Tips Tuesday: Safely Packing Batteries for Your Trip and the info contained in the PDF file is prolly just as current meaning- if they haven't changed it etc. Might want to consider printing...
  10. R

    Safe Controller Charging

    Hey folks. I've had my Mavic for about a month and didn't consider battery safety at all when I bought it. Fast forward that month and I've opted for the "better safe than sorry" approach and bought a Bat-Safe and some LiPo bags. I figure my house and family's lives are worth more than the $80...
  11. rossmoney

    Incase Compression Case

    Absolutely LOVing my Incase compression case for the MP. As pictured, It holds the mavic, 4 batteries, controller, extra blades, and my landing leg extension kit. (Also pictured is my favorite new lipo battery case by Telesin, $9, holds two batteries) The compression case itself is 1.5 lbs...
  12. R

    Traveling with Goggles

    I'm going to be traveling by air. I would like to bring along my goggles. My original plan was to put them in my checked bag and carry-on the Mavic and batteries. Actually the real first plan was to use the goggles on the plane to watch movies, but then I saw how big they are. But then I got to...
  13. N

    Mavic Pro Battery - Discharge

    Hello, Im new to this "Hobby" and I read different forum threads and I would like your opinion. As stated the Batteries are "intelligent" and discharge own their own to 65% according to settings. I read though that if you fly somewhere you need the batteries to be discharged to 10%-20% and...
  14. A

    Travelling with Mavic

    Mavic arrived yesterday and i'm looking to travel with it quite bit. i've heard that the batteries need to be carefully stored when flying? is this correct? Do we really need Lipo Bags when flying? the batteries will be in my checked luggage.
  15. J

    Batteries warm after week of storage

    Hello folks, I wanted to see if anyone else has expetienced battery warmth after charging then storing for two weeks. Charged my mavic pro batteries, 3 of them, two weeks ago. Packed in tight fitting lipo bags and inserted into a snug fitting pelican case. 2 of the 3 batteries felt pretty...
  16. A

    Lipo bag from Amazon UK

    Just received this bag for 2 Mavic batteries, nicely made and a good fit. .