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  1. Drone UK

    Britain has Beauty

  2. Drone UK

    Drones got me an Invite to a Penthouse

    I have filmed a city skyline a couple of times and the footage is very well received and i eventually got an invite to visit a penthouse in the city which was amazing. Mod Removed Duplicate Video. See It Here i was invited to view a Penthouse
  3. Drone UK

    Amazing City Skyline of Manchester UK

    The skyline of Manchester has been growing and growing this past 2 years and it is still growing with more skyscrapers yet to be finished or built. This video was during the Sunny Easter Weekend.
  4. Drone UK

    City of Manchester

    Something a it different. An all B-Roll edit
  5. Drone UK

    Any Youtubers or Pilots in the Manchester UK Area?

    I will be filming in and around Manchester more this year now i have my Beautiful Mavic 2 Pro. So thought it would be cool to meet up with any other Youtubers or pilots in the area. This is my channel but even if you dont upload to Youtube it may be cool to meet up with Locals in the area and...
  6. Armo

    New Manchester member

    Hello all, Mavic pro newbie looking to learn all I can from some of the best.
  7. D

    Lost Mavic In Manchester On New Years Eve

    So, flew up at midnight, elevated rural area, no obstacles, 100% battery, latest firmware, set to hover looking over Manchester’s skyline. Drone starts drifting backwards over my head, and not responding to controls. Totally disconnects from app and controller, and will not reconnect. Didn’t...