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  1. F

    Sharing M2EA position to a map system?

    Hi guys! My name is Peter and I am new to this forum, but I have been flying most of the DJI phantom and mavic models since 2014. I also have the M2EA, that I use for search and rescue here in the small archipelago in the Baltic Sea where I live (the Åland islands) The organisation that I...
  2. R

    Smart Controller Acting Up

    I have a Mavic 2 Zoom and Smart Controller. Yesterday I created a waypoint mission using the satellite view map. Today, tapping on either the satellite view or hybrid view for the map does one of two things: nothing, or nothing then a few seconds later the screen goes black follwed by the SC...
  3. T

    Map view won't open DJI Fly app with Mavic Air 2

    I'm on a Samsung S8+, running the latest version of Android. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the DJI fly app. I've also unpaired and re-paired my mavic Air 2 with the app and every single time I connect to my drone and click on the map mini icon in the lower left-hand corner my view does not...
  4. hunterws

    Mavic Mini & cached maps.

    I had a Mavic Pro that ran Go4, and if I was going to an area without internet, I'd cache the map area before I left. Sold off the Pro and got the chance to get a mini, so did. No map caching I can see, no videos on it either. I plan on using a wi-fi only tablet with it, as well, my cell phone...
  5. B

    Is anyone else having Smart Controller map orientation issues?

    I purchased a DJI Smart Controller with my Mavic 2 Pro and love it's brightness and convenience. However, I'm very disappointed with its inaccurate orientation of the map. When I callibrate the SC compass its orientation is frequently up to 20 to 25 degrees out. Then when I rotate the SC, it's...
  6. M

    Mapping in Remote Areas

    I’m looking for the best mapping app and software for use in remote areas without cell coverage. I’ve read many useful discussions about the DroneDeploy and Pixel4d but am still not sure if this will meet my needs and want a solution in place before my next expedition. I will be out of cell...
  7. duhannig

    GO 4 Map Icon - What is it?

    Dropbox - mavic.jpg What is the icon in the lower right of the map window do? (see link ) I click on it and it does nothing, also does nothing in map full screen.
  8. D


    Hello, Is there a way to download maps permanently into Litchi or DJI GO 4 so if there is no wifi connection the maps are there? Also am I correct that if I cache the map area be for I go fly it will be there when I get to the fly site? But if I turn off my device (Ipad Air 2) the map will not...
  9. markyodo

    Is B4UFly wrong?

    I have used Hover and B4UFly for pre-flight checks. I have used 2 different computer mapping applications to check the fly zone radius from a local Class C airport which I live by. The 2 computer apps both calculate the distance from the airport (center/tower) to the location I have flown twice...
  10. Skydog

    Map Icon Question?

    Can anyone tell me what the icon on the lower right of the map is? I click on it and it doesn't seem to do anything and I didn't see any description in the manual. Thanks