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master airscrew

  1. eva2000

    DJI Warranty/Care Refresh and Master Airscrew Props?

    I have an almost 2 week old DJI Mini 2 with has 2yr DJI Care Refresh plan. In the noob excitement, I ordered some Master Airscrew Propellers for a quieter sound. But didn't really think how using MAS props will impact DJI Mini 2's manufacturer warranty and DJI Care Refresh? I guess if I do...
  2. Yaros

    [POLL] DJI OEM Props vs Master Airscrew

    Hello, just wanted to know how many of you use Master Airscrew or other brand propellers, so I created this poll!
  3. Drone UK

    Stealth Mavic Props Detailed Review VS OEM

  4. livinginsin

    First Limited Range Test with Master Airscrew props

    For your bemusement, we present our first limited range test with the Master Airscrew props, and showcasing how much Las Vegas is growing. Oh, and yes, we lost connectivity during the flight and nearly pooed our pants!
  5. livinginsin

    Master Airscrew Stealth Propellers - Mavic Air (and others)

    Slight improvement on the noise level; we do some testing indoors (dumb...don't do that) and some side-by-side testing outdoors so you can determine for yourself the value. At a minimum we feel there is more lift at lower RPMs with the Master Airscrew propellers on our Mavic Air.