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mavic mini

  1. J

    Does Mavic Mini 1/SE CE Controller Boost Still Work?

    Hi, I currently have a DJI Mini SE CE (should be similar to Mavic Mini) on the latest drone firmware and v01.00.0600 for the controller. The range is a bit low even though I'm using 5.8ghz and parayagi amplifiers aimed properly (150m stock, 400m with amplifiers), probably because of my highly...
  2. Angry.Chimp

    Is there value in a broken Mini 1?

    So while testing my faithful mini 1 in preparation for holiday we had an "incident". Alas my little SkyMonkey is now sitting on the healing bench looking very unhappy. Camera gimble mount shattered, ribbon cable torn and topshell cracked. It may be time to send him off into the final sunset...
  3. ak91hu

    Mini Photo gallery from Hungary

    Check out my photos here ---> Amateur aerial photography - Home <---
  4. H

    Mavic mini gimbal/camera

    My mavic mini‘s camera/gimbal always faces forward sometimes, what I mean by this is whenever I try to let the camera face down using my phone(Because the gimbal wheel wont respond whenever this happens). How do I fix this issue? There are also random times when this problem disappears too.
  5. M

    New Pilot Check In

    Greetings from Tasmania! Have been a long time fan of drones but due to other financial constraint and priorities, i always had delay my plans to purchase one. And then out of nowhere my brother in law gifted me one. Its a mavic mini and so far i am amazingly impressed with the quality i am...
  6. R

    Mavic Mini "Flyaway" - forensic help requested

    I took my Mavic Mini hiking to a waterfall last weekend. Getting a good GPS lock is difficult in a waterfall amphitheater, so I got it flying and hovered it as high as it would let me (hoping that would be more likely to get a signal up higher). I let it sit there for several minutes while it...
  7. R

    Mavic Mini FCC version FCC hack

    Hey there I have mavic mini FCC version and in Dji Fly app there are 5 channels (149,153,157,161 and 165) showing in transmission tab I enabled FCC hack on RC following this YouTube steps How do i know that FCC hac is enabled or not ?? After this hack i had only 5 channels (149,153,157,161 and...
  8. wspike

    Mavic Mini power kill

    Out flying my mavic mini one day as my battery was getting low I started to do a manual landing and about 10 feet away from ground all motors stopped, flipped upside down and that’s the way it landed. Luckily no damage. Was curious about failure because battery still had 28 percent left. Put...
  9. C

    Blown battery, landed in water - help with diagnostics

    Hello everyone, 2 days ago my mini 1 crashed into the sea. I was flying in line of sight some 50m from the shore when it suddenly dropped straight into the sea. I managed to recover the drone at a depth of 10-12m and is structurally OK, but the electronics might be gone. I opened the drone...
  10. M

    Waypoint mission creation tool

    Happy Friday Pleased to release my latest research work to create waypoint missions. (The video that describes the process) (The website that hosts the tool) Feel free to use, give me any feedback, or request features Thanks for watching. Happy and safe flying! Dr...
  11. D3R1CK84

    Mavic mini gimbal issue.

    Greetings, So the other day my gimbal stopped working out of nowhere, I did not crash or anything either. It does its normal start-up but once that is done it won't do anything, can't control it from the remote either. If you put your ear up to it, it makes a scratching noise as a dirty cd...
  12. ak91hu

    RC signal lost in 100m

    My Mavic Mini looses signal sometimes in short distances. Please check video.
  13. D

    Mini Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney Australia

    Taken 60Km South Of Sydney, This image encompasses a twisting bridge above the sea by the mountains. IMAGE
  14. J

    Up in Mackinaw City

  15. G

    My first time using DJI Fly Pro mode in Video Editor - Looking for critique & advice

    Hi, I've had my Mavic Mini for almost a year now. I used to take small clips on holiday and then post the whole video to my social media, but last week I had a go at editing a video when flying around Liverpool, UK. The video is here: I like the speed of the video (1.5 original cinematic...
  16. D

    Help! My Mavic Mini is like Rhett Butler: Gone With the Wind

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help understanding my flight info from everyone here more knowledgeable than myself. I lost connection to my Mini and RTH wouldn't work because of strong winds. It didn't seem strong on the ground, but at altitude it was apparently. Find My Drone on the app shows its...
  17. imnotmarvin

    Larger but dimmer tablet vs smaller brighter phone

    I have and iPhone 12 Pro Max that is nice and bright but too small for my aging eyes. I'm looking at a tablet that's significantly less bright (roughly 450 nits) but larger (8-10"). Has anyone gone to a less bright tablet and still considered it a good upgrade?
  18. Zbip57

    Mini Les Chutes Coulonge

    The Chutes Coulonge Park is located north-west of Ottawa, in Fort Coulonge, Quebec. This was shot last September using my Mavic Mini.
  19. NewAir2sMan

    Price drop mavic mini B&H

    Just got an email a little bit ago in case anybody was looking for a mavic Mini
  20. P

    What are the best value ND filters?

    I am trying to figure out what are the best value and quality ND filters for a mini 2, using in the UK. I was close the buying the standard day Freewell pack costing about £55 and including ND4,8,16 and CPL filters, as everyone seems to be saying Freewell are great. However, I'm unsure how...