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mavic platinum

  1. Robert S

    Recreational drone rules in Tahiti

    Hi. Could somebody "in the know" let me know what the rules are for recreational drone flying in Tahiti? We're going there in July. I've got an old Mavic Platinum (734g). Do I need third party insurance? Will most travel insurance policies cover this? If not, where can I get this? My searches...
  2. Robert S

    Platinum Farmstay on NSW South Coast, Australia

    From a recent farmstay on the NSW South Coast. Experience so far is that owners are very happy to have drones flown on their property - especially if you share your footage with them. Shot with Mavic Platinum and Osmo Pocket (using extension rod mainly).
  3. Robert S

    Blemish on photos. videos

    All of my photos/videos have a round blemish on the upper left. I'm flying a Mavic Platinum. I've cleaned the lens with a lens cloth, but it hasn't made any difference. There's been no trauma. The lens looks spotless. The problem wasn't there a few months ago. View full image to see. Any...
  4. F

    Taking the MP or MPP on a journey without electricity

    I like hiking and sometimes my hikes are lasting for more than a few days, I just bought my MPP and I was looking for ways to take it with me, the biggest challenge is to charge the batteries away from home or car. So, the only possibility I've found so far is to take a car jump starter (12V...
  5. S

    DJI Mavic Pro STEALTH Propellers - Master Airscrew Upgrade Premium Pack x4

    I'm looking for more information on the performance on those blades. There is no much information beside few reviews on youtube and couple of people here at Mavic Pilots. I'm new to the Mavic Pro but have a ton of experience with drones - Phantom and 3D robotics as well as many custom rigs. On...
  6. godiva92

    The official DJI Go 4.2.8 from Moverio Market cause video lag again

    I updated to the latest Go 4.2.8 from Moverio Market last week and fly with my Mavic Platinum the other day. Here is my finding after two batteries trial. The first battery everything went smoothy for the first 13 minutes, then all of sudden I noticed video feed delay and minor pixel...
  7. T

    Forward Infrared Sensor Error - Error code: 00008

    My Mavic Pro Platinum, is problem, update firmware, hard reset, this problem persist! This is Hardware problem? I buy my Mavic in Drone Nerds Miami
  8. heo3480

    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum - is it worth it?

    This video shortly summarises what information I could find about the new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. What do you all think about it?