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  1. donatas1

    Mini 2 Blönduós | Visit North Iceland. Drone Video Minke Whale

  2. M

    DJI offered 70€ off replacement mavic mini that flew off, good deal?

    Hi, My Mavic mini 1 decided to fly off into the sunset without so much as saying goodbye. I contacted DJI, who have kindly offered me 70€ off a new/replacement drone (including the Mavic mini 3). Is this a good deal? (I appreciate its better then nothing) however funds are short so paying for...
  3. P

    Mini 2 Crash, what to do now?

    Hi, Today I crashed my mini 2 whilst flying through a hollow tower. The gimbal has come off and the cable has broken, the camera itself looks okay. The back right arm is also broken. The main casing as has a crack and a chip. (See pictures) I do not have DJI cover. What do you think my best...
  4. G

    Mini 2 Karnataka India - Charmadi & Bisle Ghats

  5. creamand

    The Mavic Mini in the lousy climate of Denmark! (See my PS)

    Hi! :-) I am the happy owner of a DJI Mavic Mini (version 1) - which is a great toy! During the winter I have played with my Litchi app looking forward to spring, when I could get my drone in the air again. I am allowed to fly around many places in Denmark with my Mavic Mini as it weights...
  6. M

    Mavic Mini Error 40012 + 30066 after Flex Ribbon Cable replacement

    Hi Guys, I've bought an Mavic Mini where the Ribboncable to the Gimbal Yaw motor driver board was broken/tattered. I've ordered an replacement cable and replaced it, all plugs are plugged in fine but unfortunately I am getting these errors: "Gimbal unable to connect. Repairs required. Contact...
  7. D

    Litchi App and DJI RC Pro

    I’m brand new to this Litchi app but it advertises the functionality of what I need my drone(s) to do. I am using an iPhone Pro Max 1TB and the stock controller for my Mavic Mini, but I also have a Mini 2, an Air 2S and a Mavic 3 that I’d like to use Litchi with. I am also using a iPad Pro 12.9”...
  8. D

    Cinematic Drone Film Of Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

    Here is a film I made in one of Sydney's best beaches consisting of a variety of different shots taken with a mavic mini.
  9. C


    Hi Fellow Mavic Pilots! Im new to the drone game having just recieved a Mini from my wife at Xmas. I realise its a very limited model given its age but im having great fun with it. Im already planning my upgrade next year :) Nice to find a forum like this to share experiences and photo/video...

    Will my phone fit in a mavic mini SE controller?

    I recently got a new phone that is 6.6 inches (167mm) however, I read that the maximum phone size is 160 mm. Will it still fit in the Mini SE controller?
  11. C

    DJI mini1/mini2 air2/air2s " 40011 or 40021 error elimination"

    40011 is generally due to the gimbal crooked after replacing the gimbal components, and an error is reported after the gimbal is calibrated. The usual solution is to log in to DJI's internal account, and then you can see the special firmware, which can be restored to normal after flashing the...
  12. Zbip57

    Mini Tree takedown.

    No, the Mini didn't take down a tree, and none of the trees took down the Mini. I flew my Mavic Mini to record my neighbour's dead pine tree being cut down. These same guys did some work for us over on our side of the waterfall the week before. He cuts off the branches on his way up the tree...
  13. db4476

    Mini Massive prop wash from a Mavic Mini

    Had this clip lying around from way back flying the mini in an average wind of 26mph and thought, why not make a vid of prop wash with 'copter sounds. Prop wash
  14. E

    Will OG Mini batteries harm my Mini SE?

    Hello guys, I have recently purchased a DJI Mini SE after my brother crashed my OG Mini ?. I still have the batteries and was wondering if anyone knows if it will degrade the drone. I am fine if I get less flight time, it would be expected since they are 7.2 Li-ion as opposed to 7.7 LiPo. I was...
  15. E

    Purchasing my first drone

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase my first drone by purchasing something not expensive and will entertain my needs for a while. Call me cheap but I am trying not to go over $400 but will tolerate $450. As of right now I am looking at the new DJI Mini SE and Mini 2. I am contemplating...
  16. D

    Sydney Australia Cinematic Drone Video Mavic Mini

    This beautiful drone video showcases stunning locations around Sydney ? enjoy!
  17. Scoobersteve

    First flight in Albany, Western Australia

    This is my first flight with my Mini. This is where I volunteer as a guide at the National ANZAC Centre in Albany, Western Australia Tried to upload a video but it is too big. New to this forum and like so many others they are very confusing to learn how to navigate in them. So here is a pic of...
  18. H

    Lost my Mini in the woods - could someone look at the log?

    So, after a year I have now lost my drone to the forest... I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I was too low for the terrain I was in (forest full of tall trees). Nevertheless, could someone (possibly) give me some more info on what went wrong? What confuses me is that I was never able...