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  1. M

    Autolanding mode on its own?

    Hi I recently had an issue where I was flying mi mavic mini above the sea and it suddenly went into auto landing mode, but I didn't even move the throttle down, here is my flight log can anyone explain this? https://www.phantomhelp.com/LogViewer/V3HQSXPBRFAGRM92CCYU/
  2. A

    Mavic mini controller

    Hello there; Is there any possibility to connect mavic mini to a mavic pro controller ? Thanks
  3. Gkinghrn

    Biggest , cheapest Phone that works with Mini

    So , I have a Samsung S8 which is perfect for me day to day . But I find it a bit too small really with the Fly app. I could go buy a small tablet (IPad mini etc) but that feels a bit too big for my liking . I could swap my phone for something bigger but tbh that wouldn’t be any good day to...
  4. N

    Moisture in phone's charging port warning - how serious?

    Hi, I was preparing a flight in snowy weather. When connecting my Samsung Galaxy A5 to the remote controller the phone showed an alert "Moisture in charging port detected - disconnect charger and let the moisture dry". The remote controller lights flashed and the phone locked its screen until I...
  5. B

    DJI Mavic Mini lost connection - Failsafe RTH not working - crashed into the water.

    My DJI Mavic Mini crashed into the water for no reason - 25 january 2020. I've found this video in the cache of my smartphone. The first error was about sd card malfunction and 5 seconds later an error about losing connection appeares. Failsafe RTH didn't work, a sudden movement in the air and...
  6. P

    MM 2.7K Video Issue - Anyone seen this before?

    I was launching my Mini for fun on roof of my building. I connected and camera was working, so I started flying. I realized then I wanted to switch to 2.7K so I selected it and started the video while flying. I then received a notice on my screen about the airspace and to enter an unlock code...
  7. G

    Yet another mini flies away (help needed)

    Hello guys, Unfortunately my little buddy left me yesterday. I wanted only to take a few shots and land it but until I release what is happening it was too late. I have been searching for few hours without any luck. I'm uploading the file logs I'm looking forward for any suggestions where it...
  8. m80116

    Why I do believe there's a HUGE problem with the Mavic Mini - Flew AWAY the 2nd day

    Hello, I am m80(116) new drone and forum user from Italy. I am writing here because I've lost my Mavic Mini after the 2nd day of ownership. This is by far one of the most embarrassing accident I've ever had in 2019 and one that I feel can't really be blamed for... I went through a month of...
  9. L

    Mexico drone laws sub 250g

    I see a lot of posts about sub 250g drones in regards to international laws in particular in Mexico. All the research I have done says that I, as a tourist in Mexico, am legally allowed to fly my mavic mini in Mexico. My question, is there any government documentation (English or Spanish) that...
  10. C

    DJI Mavic Mini Snap Adapter Example Uses?

    What have people done with the DJI Mavic Mini Snap Adapter? It 's not quite clear what you would do with it?
  11. R

    Mavic mini - RTH function inoperative?

    Hi Just made my first ever drone flight with my new Mini and I am mightily impressed! One thing I couldn’t work out was the RTH function. I set a RTH location and the app told me that the location had been set OK. But when I tried it the app said the drone would land at current location which...
  12. R

    How do you download your recorded footage?

    I'm wondering whats the most efficient way of transferring a recorded footage from the mini to the dj fly app for editing I've been downloading the footage directly from the mini to my phone, so i could then edit the clip using the DJI FLY app, but for anyone who does this, you would know it...
  13. Dmascot

    Can I use my cars cigarette lighter charger?

    I will be spending a lot of time in a car while on vacation next month. Is it okay to use a basic cigarette lighter usb charger to charge my Mini’s batteries and rc? If it is okay to use them is there a particular charger someone could recommend.
  14. K

    Store Batteries in Charging hub - Mavic Mini?

    I have a combo. The charging hub charging 3 batteries one after the other is really cool. After charging, can I just leave the batteries in the hub as I park all the accessories into the DJI bag? Without putting the batteries IN the charging hub, there doesn't seem any space left in the drone...
  15. T

    How I epoxied my Mini back together.

    So, it turns out that the Mini isn't as crash-resistant as my Tello had been. Due 100% to user error, I cracked the left front arm pretty good on the fourth day I had my Mini. I'm not complaining; I absolutely could have been more careful, and will be going forward. I had bought DJI Care...
  16. J

    Live Stream Video from Mini?

    Hello- I have never used the DJI Go App but from reading it sounds like there is an RTMP option and also options to Live Stream video to several cloud video platforms. Does anyone here know if the Mavic Mini + DJI Fly app will be able to do the same? Assuming not, any other recommendations...
  17. JoostGT3

    FS: PGY Tech tablet holder

    So, here's me being silly again: I ordered the PGY tech MRC-005 pad holder for use with my iPad mini 4. Upon paying, I got the message that it was out of stock and expected a week later. I look up some reviews about the webshop and find out it has a very bad reputation, so I go ahead and order...
  18. iamjohnbamber

    New Pilot - John in Austin, TX

    Hello everyone! My name's John, and I've just ordered a Mavic Pro! Can't wait to get my hands on this thing! Looking forward to shooting some footage of off-roading in my Jeep, capture some beautiful travel footage from any of the cruises I go on, or just some fun footage for my YouTube...
  19. D

    iPad Mini or iPod Touch?

    Hello.. I am wondering about buying a device just for my Mavic. Wondering if any of you out there currently uses an iPod Touch tethered to their phone, and/or an iPad Mini with cellular connectivity or tethered as well, I guess. What are the drawbacks in using these devices vs your iPhone? Do...
  20. N

    iPod Touch 6th Generation good to use?

    Hey I'm trying to make a decision on buying an ipod touch 6th generation to fly the mavic or and ipad mini with the att thing. I know the ipod doesn't have gps, so would that change anything from having a phone with gps? The ipad mini would have gps if its the att or verizon version i think...