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  1. M

    Link to footage shot with my Air 2 and Mini 2

    Hey guys, Starting to get warmed up with my MA2. I have began compiling clips shot with my MA2 and Mini 2 (Before I returned it for the MA2), and editing them using LumaFusion. I have started uploading stuff to my YouTube Channel so that I can share with you guys. Let me know what you think...
  2. K

    Mini Mavic mini sunset

    I took this picture a few days ago. Was totally worth it. Pictures can do justice for the real picture. Do you guys like it?
  3. K

    Live feed lag and tearing

    Hello, I recently got a mini. I had a bunch of good flights on DJI fly and all of the sudden the live video started tearing and lagging at 200-500 feet. I have an iPhone 8 and fly in my driveway in a neighborhood. Does anyone have any tips to fix this?
  4. Darto21

    Mini Ben Arthur or as its better known The Cobbler

    With a 3am alarm set for a 5am start, I drove an hour up the road to Arrochar and hiked up Ben Arthur for sunrise. Although I got the Mavic Mini up in the air, the light was a bit harsh by now. Most of my time during the best light was with my camera. The conditions however were still brilliant...
  5. M

    UK - new Mavic Mini Batteries selling for just £35

    I decided to get another spare battery for my mini and came across a company selling them for just £35 each, with free shipping on orders over £50. So yeah it's a pretty good deal and I ended up ordering 2 for the "saving" I'd make on shipping...
  6. B

    Lost mini in wind - 100% my fault!!

    Hi all, Last Sunday I used my drone to take a lovely pic of my daughters and I outside our house. It was very windy that day but, stupid old me, decided to gain some altitude and try to take a better pic. Long story cut short, I lost signal and never regained it. I have attached below a...
  7. C

    BUY a mavic mini or not? (fcc and ce are a problem)

    Hey, im new im thinking about getting the mavic mini fly more combo but now i just found out about FCC and EC. and because i live in Europe i get EC wich is not the good one. can anyone advice me about i should buy it or not? and how far can it actually go here? i have seen ads that say 4km but...
  8. L

    SOLD: Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, GPC case, plus extras. CONUS $400

    Original owner. Bought for my son, but he had no interest in flying it. Only flown 2 or 3 times and very short distances. Never crashed. Includes the original box, everything in the Fly More Combo, plus leg extensions, propeller guard, and a GPC case.
  9. M

    Mini Mavic Mini fishing in Horrocks Western Australia

    just a quick you tube vid of my first attempt at fishing with the Mavic Mini, great weather helped us achieve a drop over 400mt out from shore. no fish but a successful day. you an see the bait release at the 1 min mark. enjoy.
  10. zeusfl

    Mavic Mini - 4K Timelaps with Litchi

    This is a Timelaps taken with Litchi and built in Adobe Premiere. The day was super windy, you can tell from the trees and the mini has problem maintaining the frame. It move eventually from rights to left.
  11. N

    Error code 40011

    Hello! My name is Nomi and I recently acquired a DJI Mavic Mini. It is a used drone. Worked fine when the guy was testing it for me. But when i got it home n flew it, the gimbal wont move and it shows me error code 40011. I can fly the drone properly without problems, but cant move the gimbal...
  12. I

    Mini North Ledaig, Oban, Scotland

    Sharing a video from a Mavic Mini over Ardmucknish Bay in Scotland. Captured a nice sunset. This is the furthest I have flown the drone at 1.6km, before I lost the signal. I was hoping to fly over the ridge and see the see beyond - maybe next time. Video of North Ledaig, Oban. Hope you like it.
  13. RayKelly

    Mini Mini photos at Cedar Beach-Mt Sinai, NY

    The wind was up then down so I tried it. Wind warning came so I decended and took these photos. Glad I was able to get the flight in.
  14. LM FlyHigh

    Mini Almost Cinematic Shot Mavic Mini - Switzerland lockdown 2020

  15. Darto21

    Cloud inversion at the top of Schiehallion - the 58th highest munro in Scotland

    This was my first real outing with my Mavic Mini since my last video. It was the 12th munro I had climbed out of 282 and the first I had experienced the weather being better at the top than bottom! We found the car park, got all the gear on and made our way to the start point. Once on the...
  16. Korrd

    Air 2 A Buenos Aires cinematic video made with a mini and an air 2

    I've been flying quite a lot since the quarantine started. And that is, actually quite a lot of flying since I am on the country with the largest quarantine on record. So here I present to you, the empty city. Enjoy
  17. M

    Lost my Mavic Mini when it suddenly dropped into a river

    Hello everyone. I need help to figure out what happened to my drone, and if I can get a replacement from DJI because I have DJI Care Refresh. It suddenly started descending by itself even though I was not pressing down on the stick. I am a newbie with less than 2 hours of flight experience...
  18. T

    NO LONGER FOR SALE: Mavic Mini Fly More Combo - As New, Excellent - $450 for the weekend

    I am selling my fantastic Mavic Mini since I simply have too many aircraft on hand. I am Director of the Romero Pictures / Heavy Metal Indie Brigade Drone Cav where I work with filmmakers all over the country in learning how to use budget drones for their film projects. I am also a contributing...
  19. J

    Mavic mini crash (Gimbal non movement)

    I had my first crash with my new mavic mini which was absolutely deverstating. The camera still works and records and also moves around upon turning the mini on but doesn’t move around in flight. The camera also makes a buzzing noise, shakes and also is tilted to the side while in operation...
  20. T

    Newbie flyer in coastal Britain

    Hi all, thanks for having me. New drone flyer- MM - here in Margate, Kent, with a wealth of coastline to explore. A few of short films under the belt already (see them here) and I have to say the mavic min is such a cool little thing with enormous capabilities! Yes, itching for a bigger...