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    Will my phone fit in a mavic mini SE controller?

    I recently got a new phone that is 6.6 inches (167mm) however, I read that the maximum phone size is 160 mm. Will it still fit in the Mini SE controller?
  2. Cranky

    To be connected or not? (that is the question)

    Hello from the UK Can someone help me with this simple question- Should my phone (Android) or tablet (again Android) be connected to anything other than the Mavic pro while flying? by anything I mean of course the internet, either by sim card or Wi-Fi? does the app or the drone need a...
  3. C

    Mavic Pro RC recognizes cellphone as a battery T_T

    Dear folks, Please help me to resolve this problem... The RC shows "Charging" once connect RC and my Android cell phone... The DJI Go won't auto-launch anymore.... After I power on the aircraft and RC, and manually turn on Dji Go, it still shows "disconnected" I have been using my Mavic...
  4. markyodo

    iPad edits?

    I just upgraded my iPad and now have pencil support. I’m seeing a lot of potential now for mobile editing workflow with the newer hardware. Have any you taken the plunge and managed to make mobile editing worthwhile for bigger projects? Thanks.
  5. M

    Advise on phone purchase

    Hello all. I;ve had my Mavic for more than half a year but I don;t get to fly very often so I consider myself a beginner. I am using a Samsung S4 but the app. is extremely lagging. I was told that it's my phone's fault (and I agree since it is kinda sluggish on its own) Anyway I want suggestions...
  6. B

    Black screen at begining of video recordings.

    Hi, ive read a few posts about black screens and loss of signal but my issue is a bit different and I cannot find a thread for it. During flight, my recording goes perfectly, streaming to my samsung Gs6 works fine. Once I review my recordings on my phone, for about half a second at the...
  7. T

    Help w/ App: Getting video from Drone to App

    I recently shot some video with my drone but was over the cache limit on my app. The video is stored on my drone, I can see the file but I have no idea how to get the video into my DJI app to edit it. I can't edit it on my computer because it can't handle 4k Any help here would be awesome
  8. H

    Does my mobile phone need a sim card and data?

    Hi all I will be purchasing a Mavic Pro but just wanted to ask what I hope is not a stupid question. I have a work Samsung Android phone with a SIM card and data coverage, however I don't really want to use that phone with my Mavic. I also have a personal iPhone 5S which I use for music...