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  1. K-Castello

    Air 2 Let's drone the Strato...

    It's just bad weather for the moment .... Air2 is a bit bored
  2. W

    Check this out. More music for your footage...

    Hi all, You may have caught my previous post. Like others I produce music as a hobby and have been making some tunes to go with drone footage. I know there are others out there. Here is one of my tracks that I'm happy for you to use, you can download from Soundcloud. I only ask that you credit...
  3. S

    Air 1 Traditional Swedish Song

    Sweden has a long tradition of songs sung before and during Christmas-time. This song is about St Stefanos (St Staffan in Swedish, the first Christian martyr). After Christmas, Scholars - with little or no money or food - would go around farms begging for leftovers to eat, while singing these...
  4. Paulf10

    Music or Narration

    I’ve seen some really nice videos that I felt were ruined by the playing of loud music that added nothing to the video. Of course OPM (other peoples music) is strictly a mater of choice. In many cases I hated the music that was selected, but that’s just me and my taste in music. I thought it was...
  5. I

    How to use Music & Sound FX in videos With out Copy-write Claims

    How to use Music & Sound FX in videos With out Copyright Claims. Where to find music & sound effects to enhance & make your drone videos explode for your audience.
  6. C

    Mavic Music Video "Oh, How We Flew!" Shot At A State Fair

    Hi, folks. Recently I've been in touch with some former classmates planning our 40th class reunion scheduled for this October. All of this Class of '77 Reunion talk got me remembering each of them and the rolling times we had way back when. It simply went by too fast. Good years! We must have...
  7. C

    Mavic Video for Lovers: "Can We Fly Free?"

    Howdy. I've been laid up for more than 2 months and therefore grounded due to some major back surgery for the second time. Lots of recovery time, so I used some of it to delve into another passion of mine next to drone flying which is making music, or at least MY attempts at doing so! Anyway...
  8. T

    Baltimore Pilots???

    Hey Whats Up Dronians? Moved to Baltimore from DC, and due to boredom finally purchased my first Drone. Was looking to see if there were any other photographers, or video/YouTube creators in the Baltimore area. The good thing about my move from DC to Bmore is I'm finally able to purchase and...
  9. M

    How can I load DJI GO Editor music library to my PC?

    Hi all - I don't use the editor in the DJI Go app but thought it might be useful to use the music library from within the video editing suite on my PC. Tried Shazaming a few tracks but it didn't recognise them, The only route to the library seems to be thro the GO app - unless anyone knows...
  10. T

    A night scene with my own music

    Hi all, flew around this nicely lit church the other day, around midnight. The weather was misty and cold and the scene was very mystic to me. It inspired me to try out my capabilities as a composer as well! I wanted to catch the atmosphere of the scene to the music while I wasn't able to find...
  11. MikeC

    Music and Editing

    I am always on the lookout for royalty free music. Really impressed with Eric at Used one of his tracks on this one. I am sure more to come.