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new drone owner

  1. Stayalive

    New Drone and MA2 Pilot From Orlando, Fl

    Hello, community! It’s awesome to meet you. I recently made a decision after a ton of research and understanding what goals I want to achieve and bought the Mavic Air 2 fly more bundle. I was very excited to get it and start learning everything I need to know to get started. So far so good. I...
  2. S

    New Drone excitement!

    Hey everyone! I recently got the chance to use my drone for the first time in Hawaii, and I am now in Europe. Attached an image from Hawaii. (not sure why I couldn't upload a video). I was very nervous/scared about drone laws and where I can or cannot fly the drones. In Europe I feel that...
  3. Rsaurage

    New from Memphis, TN, USA

    Greetings, I just wanted to introduce myself here on the forum. Received my first drone at Christmas (Hubsan H501SS) and was seriously bitten by the drone bug. I have dabbled with DSLR photography in the past and look forward to a new experience with aerial photography and the Mavic 2 Pro. Of...
  4. C

    Can you guys take a look at my parts list for my first drone?

    I'm hoping to automate my drone and control it with my laptop, I'd like to focus on thrust and stability for moving objects safely. Here are my parts so far :) Frame - 110mm 13g £9.26 Alfa Genie110 110mm FPV Racing Frame Freestyle Stretch X Frame Kit For RC Drone Propellor - 2435 Nylon 4...
  5. S O

    Paranoid Pilot?

    Hi everyone, First time drone owner in UK and very much enjoying it (although not much flight time due to our lovely weather....) As I’ve never owned a drone before I think I’m taking all the right precautions, I’m only flying it in line of sight, I always have a spotter with me just in case...
  6. A

    Hello From Saint Louis , Missouri

    Hey Mavic Experts & Fellow Drone pilots , I recently got my Mavic Pro , enjoying the experience so far . I was wondering if any one of you might have suggestions about good areas to fly Drones in and around Saint Louis . ( I have been flying my drone at Creve coeur lake as of now ) Thanks, Archit
  7. Special Weapons Group

    Greetings from Sweden.

    HI all, just wanted to say hi and present us, I'm Eric and it charge of the new drone. We will primarily be using it for documentation of SPFX. Never mind that I'm happy to be here and will hopefully learn something from you all. Best regards Erik Elmgren
  8. E

    Blacked out camera, right out of the box - Please advise

    Brand new to drones, advice welcome! Not able to get any image on phone or iPad. The app shows all the data, but no camera image. Only flown it in beginner mode about 10 times, but never seen anything but black screen. Never had any error messages either... So far I've tried: Read the manual...
  9. M

    3rd Mavic Pro

    Hi. I purchased my first Mavic Pro about 5 months ago and have since demolished 1 and the other had camera problems. I am hoping this 3rd one is my lucky one and am definitely going slower now. Can anyone provide me with advice on how to adjust the settings for pictures to get more vibrant color...
  10. B

    Checking in from Australia

    Hi to Mavic Pilots group, After much research and helpful posts in this group (thank you everybody) I am now a Mavic Owner. Had only flown a small toy quadcopter before with the usual results of every landing being a crash ! The Mavic is incredible in it's stability and control. First couple...
  11. E

    New Mavic pro pilot from Singapore

    Hi everyone, Just bought my Mavic Pro yesterday and super excited about using it. Haven't even had time to set up the device and controller, etc yet fully. Any tips on streamlining even the initial set-up would be supremely helpful. I'm looking forward to using it more frequently and...

    Mavic Pro First flight ever!

    This is my first time flying a drone. Check out my video. I know I'll just get better and more confident in my flying!