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new member

  1. A

    Intro and Hello

    Just introducing myself as a new member. I live in the San Francisco area. If any other members are close by and are looking for flying companions please reach out. I’ve had a DJI Air 2 for a few years now and have recently increased my collection. I’m more of a novice at this point, but I’ve...
  2. N

    Hallo aus Berlin!

    Hi and welcome from Berlin, Germany. We all know what its like, shops are open after Christmas and you are looking around killing time whilst the other half is in some other random shop. If I am honest I was kind of looking for a VR headset. but then something else caught my eye! Next...
  3. SoftDev90

    Hello Everyone!

    New here and I own a Mavic Air 2 that I bought back in 2020. Recently saw that the TRUST test finally was released some time back and haven't flown for a while so just completed that tonight. Moved back to the UP of Michigan and looking forward to lots of flying this summer. Used to fly a lot...
  4. Lyon McKeil

    New Member From Sunnyvale CA.

    Hello, I'm Lyon from Sunnyvale, CA. I have a friend that got into UAS flying and then did is Part 107 certification. He was telling me about it and I got interested so I started the 107 training from Pilots Institute (I'm almost ready to take the test). After getting about half way through the...
  5. iamcharliemack

    New Member

    New Member out of ??? ???????, CA beginner ????? ????? ????? ??????! ?????? ????
  6. kimpanattoni

    Greetings from SW Indiana!

    Hello, new member here from SW Indiana: New to drone piloting, though have flown other folks' RC craft such as RC airplanes in the past. Grew up with aviation at multiple air stations (military brat). I recently received a Mavic Pro MP1 and am really enjoying it. Have my recreational license...
  7. S

    New UK Member

    Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself as a new member to the forum. I’ve been flying for around 18 months with my first drone the Mavic Air. I’m from God’s own county; and the UK’s largest; Yorkshire. I currently live just outside of Leeds. Ive joined to converse with like-minded people...
  8. ExtremeElementz

    Good Evening from Wisconsin

    New to the forum, awaiting my free Spark and looking forward to selling my Traxxas E Revo and fund a larger Mavic. Glad to see a community like this where we can come together and have fun, share stories and post experiences! ? I have a lot to learn about this hobby I’ve been in the RC world for...
  9. Armo

    New Manchester member

    Hello all, Mavic pro newbie looking to learn all I can from some of the best.
  10. N

    Hello from Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    Hi there ! I've been flying the Mavic Pro around for a few weeks and so far it's been a lot of fun. I've been flying other drones for a few years now but the Mavic is a big step up in terms of overall quality, especially when it comes to photo and video. I hope to take the Mavic on my upcoming...
  11. AirBuzzOne

    New pilot from Norway

    Hi! I'm a new Mavic pilot. Thanks for welcoming to this forum. I'm a 37-year-old design engineer/technical animator from Norway. My photography hobby has evolved quite a lot over the last years. In 2008 I started with urban exploring which still is a huge passion of mine. Then I found a huge...
  12. Special Weapons Group

    Greetings from Sweden.

    HI all, just wanted to say hi and present us, I'm Eric and it charge of the new drone. We will primarily be using it for documentation of SPFX. Never mind that I'm happy to be here and will hopefully learn something from you all. Best regards Erik Elmgren
  13. Gadgetsjon

    Hi From Ghana!

    I'm actually a Londoner, but coming out to Ghana has given me a chance to really put my Mavic through its paces. Little-to-no restrictions because I have a decent amount of private land here. Just stumbled across the forum, would love to learn from the experiences of others. Hi!