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  1. A

    Unable to Calibrate Compass MA

    I'm using an iPhone 6+ with the MA Controller. When everything is turned on, the controller is "disconnected". I open the Status menu and it says to Calibrate Compass. I tap "Calibrate Compass" and it goes to another screen to "Start Calibration". When I tap that, it goes back one screen to...
  2. G

    Mavic Air for water sports?

    I am thinking to get a Mavic Air - and my goal is to do some general hobbyist photos, and some video of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. A few questions; 1) I assume that obstacle avoidance would not detect things like the cords in a kitesurfing set of lines? 2) How much practice time is required...
  3. djoe

    Auto focus and zebra lines

    I know there are a number of posts on this, but please can someone help me as camera settings are nothing in my knowledge. I have followed several youtube clips on various settings for the mavic, and all in vain as these zebra lines keep showing on my pictures and videos. I have left everything...
  4. Ebonicus

    Hello Pilots!

    Hi All, I'm new, from Central CA. Love my mavic, I am a perpetual beginner aerial photographer, wanna-be video making geek dude. I have 1000 hours flying racers, toys, and quad sims. Here's one my my recent shots: Also, I build apps for fun. Actually I built the Quadriem flight app for...