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new zealand

  1. L

    3 New Zealand’s Most Scenic Road by Drone | 4k | Mavic 3

  2. M

    Flying Drones in Otago, New Zealand

    Hello. I'm planning to travel to Otago, specifically to Queenstown, Te Anau, Wanaka and Lake Tekapo when it eventually opens up. In the airshare map, there are many unmarked places that I thought didn't need any permission to fly but as I did more research, places like Roy's Peak are apparently...
  3. D

    New Zealand drone footage

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and I wanted to share my video compilation from my trip to NZ more than a year ago. I created this video (and many others) on my channel but never posted them on any forum. I have seen some amazing footage of different places on this forum, and I thought I'd share...
  4. W

    New Zealand - Lake Wanaka & Mt. Aspiring National Park

    Finally put together a lot of video clips from the Wanaka area of New Zealand, taken in perfect weather with the Mavic Pro. The first couple of minutes are taken around the town of Wanaka, then along the lakeshore at Glendu Bay and up towards Mt. Aspiring National Park, and ending up at Dublin...
  5. O

    Aotearoa from above

    After months of procrastination, I have finally edited and uploaded some footage from a recent trip to sunny New Zealand. Go easy on me as this is my first attempt at drone filming and editing. Many thanks.
  6. polles

    8-bit Ghostbuster trailer

    I test some of styles in imovie and I came up with this
  7. S


    Please give me your honest feedback!
  8. D

    New Zealand

    I am going to New Zealand in February and would like to take a mavic pro but the rules seem onerous, do you have to apply for permission to fly over beaches and in the mountains? I have seen the Find a drone operator | airshare NZ hub for drones and UAVs web site which states you need land...
  9. M

    Rookie pilot from The Netherlands

    I recently bought the Mavic Pro. I will (hopefully) use it a lot on a 3 month trip next year to New Zealand (southern Island) and Australia. Due to work and bad weather I only had the chance to fly it a couple of times over here in the Netherlands. Love the sound, the feel and the level of...
  10. sailbrah

    Wellington on good day

    can't beat it
  11. 00Nic

    New Zealand location suggestions

    Hi all! Could anyone suggest me some beautiful places where can I record videos in New Zealand? I will go to NZ this month and I'll visit South and North island. I saw some wonderful places like Lake Tekapo, Milford Sound and Mount Cook but I'd like to learn more. Thank you :)
  12. 00Nic

    New Zealand video on the beach

    Hi! I will go to New Zealand this month and I'm plannig to do some shootings from the beach. I used Airshare to plan my flight but I'm unsure of some rules I must respect. I know that I can't fly over town, but if I want to record a video from the beach in front of the town? Obviously making...
  13. C

    Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

    All new to drone flying but starting to get a hang of things. Here is a quick video I put together of a flight over the beach a few nights ago in New Zealand. Enjoy!
  14. Goodpeopledrone

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hey everyone. New pilot here, and what a great forum this is! Such a great community. It took a while to get used to the settings of the Mavic and the still camera has some limitations of course- but overall what a great creative tool! Here are a few stills from here in the Canterbury region-...
  15. Mavić_Legenda

    Flying in New Zealand - Queenstown

    New Zealand seems to have strict rules and guidelines for flying drones (Rpas Faqs | Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand). Do people really need to ask private property owners and City Councils for permission to fly over land and parks each time? Any experiences with this, especially in...
  16. P

    Great New Zealand scenery with my Mavic Pro

    My Litchi mission that went wrong.
  17. Niiik

    West coast NZ - Waterfalls, Beaches and Rainforest.

    Check it out, feedback welcomed :)
  18. P

    hi from Christchurch - New Zealand

    hi there i know nothing about drones ,bought some funny little thing and then tried to fly it using Utube videos then a friend had a go and thought there was something up with it anyways he showed me a video on the mavic and then i went and flew a guys phantom 4 and i realised i was wasting...
  19. D

    Greetings from the South Island of New Zealand

    Hello All, I have been a photographer for many years and ordered a Mavic so I could cut down the time and money spent on helicopters. It has not arrived yet, (like many others on this forum) and I hope I have made the right decision. D.
  20. J

    Anyone Familiar With Rules In New Zealand?

    Hi Guys, I have purchased a new Mavic Pro and still waiting for my Mavic to arrive. While I am waiting I would like to familiarise myself with the rules regarding flying a drone in New Zealand. I have checked few things in but not clear. It says "The red transparent areas are...