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night flight

  1. Patman Droneography

    3 Downtown Battle Creek, MI Night Flight Christmas Light Display 2021

    Its Incredible how much better the camera quality is on the Mavic 3 then the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I used the Mavic 3 for Aerial shots and used my iPhone 13 Pro Max on a DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal.
  2. C

    Yoooo, newbie here. I have some newbie questions too!

    Hello folks! Newbie here from California, I'm new to drones but been dreaming to have one for a long time... Just got a brand-new non-combo DJI Air 2S today for $800 cash. I'm very happy about the price! Yep I also got some newbie questions, hope you guys can solve my puzzle: Should I go with...
  3. mattcoq

    2 Pro Shanghainese Night Flight

    Hi Everyone, Haven't flown much in a city or in Shanghai since a long time ... Not having the opportunity to get out of town recently, I decided to give it a go with the great visibility and weather conditions. Had a blast and great flight (as well as editing) Though, I noticed that...
  4. Yaros

    Weird behavior at night in one specific place (MA2). Can someone understand what's happening?

    Hey! I have been flying the Mavic Air 2 for 3 months, and it's great. My favorite takeoff place is the top floor of my apartment building, it's easy to go there, and I always have good signal with good range. But there is a strange occurrence that I noticed when flying at night or late evening...
  5. D

    DJI Mavic2 zoom best settings for night flight video & photos

    Hello guys, nobody knows the best settings( iso ,shutter speed ,white balance , e.t.c) to avoid digital noise for night flight both video and photos in manual mode on dji mavic 2 zoom. Thanks.
  6. N

    Spotlight / floodlight to see vermin in paddocks

    Hi guys ive stumbled on the forum looking for advice from anyone who has managed to find a spotlight/ floodlight that can be faced downwards so im able to view animals in the paddocks of my farm at night ? i
  7. J

    Air 2 Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Night

  8. C

    Mini not too bad at night

    not too bad at night... dji mini 2
  9. "Bernatka" Bridge

    "Bernatka" Bridge

    "Bernatka" Bridge. If you like the movie, don't forget to Like and Subscribe ! ;)
  10. Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Night shot of a city block as people get ready to face the long night

    Another one from the mavic mini. This time a single HDR shot from a block of the cith of buenos aires. Not a bad result asll things considered.
  11. Night panorama over Buenos Aires

    Night panorama over Buenos Aires

    Taken with a mavic mini in order to determine how well it could do. Not a bad result, for such a small drone.
  12. Aerial night shot over Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Aerial night shot over Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  13. omer212

    MA2 night settings and fireworks

    Hi guys, About to fly first time at night. I looked around, watched some videos but couldn’t find what would be the optimal night settings for: 1. Highest quality video. 2. Advice on filming fireworks. Thank you in advance and Happy 4th of July ?
  14. E90RAW


    So, I have to admit it. I love flying my M2P/M2Z at night. The sound of the blades slicing through the night air as it passes overhead, the scintillating lights blinking like a twinkling star in the distance, the glaring landing light illuminating the the surrounding sky like a UFO. I love it...
  15. C

    NewBie Adventure - watch out for the dark - strobes will be next!

    Beautiful sunset. I rush for a quick flight for images from the Santa Cruz Mountains. But getting everything set up takes a few minutes. Getting somewhat dark, but we lift off smoothly past the dangerous sculptures on our deck, my wife does metal sculptures - beautiful but they are drone traps...
  16. hactick

    Flying through the star on top of the town Christmas Tree..

    First night flight with my Mavic 2 zoom. Couldn't resist trying to get stuck at the top of the tree.
  17. Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Aerial drone Shots across Hong Kong Harbour from Kowloon
  18. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Silver Lake Lighted Boat Parade

    This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the annual Silver Lake Lighted Boat Parade, both from the shore and from my drone. I unfortunately did not know the exact route the parade would take (it is very much a community event without a lot of easily available info available online), so I...
  19. MAGA

    First dusk flight back by dark

    Wanted to get some fair shots from Altamont NY .not bad camera was set on auto. Not bad used Lightroom to clean them up. Video looks great.
  20. pahas

    Flying over the Acropolis of Athens at night

    I made this video this summer. The plan was to fly just after the sunset but as i was preparing the flight, noticed other drones around the Acropolis so had to wait. When thay all cleared the area, it was too dark anyway, but i thought of giving it a try. The end result i think is quite nice...