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  1. I

    First Drone, Southern MD

    Good evening folks! I'm a new drone pilot (working to actually become a helicopter pilot too!) Just wanted to say hello and let you guys know that any advice or suggestions would be more than welcome. I've already googled a bunch of questions and been directed to this site so I'm very grateful...
  2. derekcreates

    Solo mtb video test with a Mavic Air

    Went for a solo mtb ride on the infamous "Boyscout" trail in Pacifica, California. All 3 clips i the short video were shot from my MA hovering in 3 different positions. (a lot of hiking up, riding down, then hiking back up to the controller.) Take a look and let me know what you think...
  3. J

    A few questions from a new user

    Hi, great forum. I have found many answer to questions I had when I first got the drone (yesterday) on here :) But I still have a few more that I can't seem to find an answer to. I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction or a straight up answer. Thank you. 1) In Wifi mode...
  4. S

    Hello From US

    Just Got My Mavic (As They Say At McDonald "I'm Loving It")
  5. Ebonicus

    Some beginner mavicpro pics

    Hi all, Here are some shots I took. I shot these in white balance sunlight, iso 100, dlog mode. ND8 filters. For the photo settings I use +1 sharpness, -1 contrast, and -1 saturation on the mavic. I used my samsungs7 edge photo editor to bring back saturation and contrast. Hope you enjoy these.
  6. N

    Should I? or shouldn't I?... start my flying experience with a Mavic Pro Platinum?

    Hi everyone I retired vet that dabbles with video (camcorders) and I'm considering getting a quad to expand my dabbling. I'm currently watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and somewhere along the way I found out about this web/forum site. I here for guidance if my thinking is off. So...
  7. W

    Noobie question re: proximity to Airports & Helipads

    I know I'm not allowed to fly within 5mi of an airport without notifying them; however, when I looked at my location via B4UFLY, it gave the following warning, "You are within 5 miles of an airport." I've uploaded screenshots from B4UFLY and UAV Forecast. You can see from both (especially UAV...
  8. T

    Noob checking in from Tracy California

    Got the Mavic a few weeks ago. I've been flying with the go 4 app. I really like what I see on YouTube about the Litchi app of pre-programing your flight. No flights yet on the Litchi. But for what I want do with Mavic I think the litchi way-point is going to shine over the Go 4 way-point...
  9. F

    Never flew a drone before until now...

    I never flew a drone but was so keen to get my hands on a mavic. After a lot of research how to get settings just right i shot this after some small practice in my yard. So approximately 1 hour practice in... Best purchase ever!!!
  10. PhxMavicFlyer

    Hello from Phonix Arizona

    Ordered my Mavic from Best Buy and anxious to get mine delivered and up in the air. I want to learn the do's and don'ts of where I can and can't fly for fun and personal stuff but am considering possibly getting the FAA 107 license. Cheers! Daryl