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  1. D

    Mavic Air 2 FAA Classification?

    So with the new FAA regulations, can anyone tell me how to determine what classification the Mavic Air 2 is? Noob pilot and trying to get as much info as I can to ensure both safe and legal flying. Category 1: A Category 1 drone represents “a low risk of injury” to humans and therefore...
  2. TooTall

    NOOB from Southern California

    I wanted a drone forever to document my architectural design process but couldn't justify the cost of the decent camera carrying drones... Enter the Mavic Mini. So far so good and excited to learn from you all. Any "Must Watch" YouTubers for the new guys on here?
  3. I

    First Drone, Southern MD

    Good evening folks! I'm a new drone pilot (working to actually become a helicopter pilot too!) Just wanted to say hello and let you guys know that any advice or suggestions would be more than welcome. I've already googled a bunch of questions and been directed to this site so I'm very grateful...
  4. derekcreates

    Solo mtb video test with a Mavic Air

    Went for a solo mtb ride on the infamous "Boyscout" trail in Pacifica, California. All 3 clips i the short video were shot from my MA hovering in 3 different positions. (a lot of hiking up, riding down, then hiking back up to the controller.) Take a look and let me know what you think...
  5. J

    A few questions from a new user

    Hi, great forum. I have found many answer to questions I had when I first got the drone (yesterday) on here :) But I still have a few more that I can't seem to find an answer to. I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction or a straight up answer. Thank you. 1) In Wifi mode...
  6. S

    Hello From US

    Just Got My Mavic (As They Say At McDonald "I'm Loving It")
  7. Ebonicus

    Some beginner mavicpro pics

    Hi all, Here are some shots I took. I shot these in white balance sunlight, iso 100, dlog mode. ND8 filters. For the photo settings I use +1 sharpness, -1 contrast, and -1 saturation on the mavic. I used my samsungs7 edge photo editor to bring back saturation and contrast. Hope you enjoy these.
  8. N

    Should I? or shouldn't I?... start my flying experience with a Mavic Pro Platinum?

    Hi everyone I retired vet that dabbles with video (camcorders) and I'm considering getting a quad to expand my dabbling. I'm currently watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and somewhere along the way I found out about this web/forum site. I here for guidance if my thinking is off. So...
  9. W

    Noobie question re: proximity to Airports & Helipads

    I know I'm not allowed to fly within 5mi of an airport without notifying them; however, when I looked at my location via B4UFLY, it gave the following warning, "You are within 5 miles of an airport." I've uploaded screenshots from B4UFLY and UAV Forecast. You can see from both (especially UAV...
  10. T

    Noob checking in from Tracy California

    Got the Mavic a few weeks ago. I've been flying with the go 4 app. I really like what I see on YouTube about the Litchi app of pre-programing your flight. No flights yet on the Litchi. But for what I want do with Mavic I think the litchi way-point is going to shine over the Go 4 way-point...
  11. F

    Never flew a drone before until now...

    I never flew a drone but was so keen to get my hands on a mavic. After a lot of research how to get settings just right i shot this after some small practice in my yard. So approximately 1 hour practice in... Best purchase ever!!!
  12. PhxMavicFlyer

    Hello from Phonix Arizona

    Ordered my Mavic from Best Buy and anxious to get mine delivered and up in the air. I want to learn the do's and don'ts of where I can and can't fly for fun and personal stuff but am considering possibly getting the FAA 107 license. Cheers! Daryl