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  1. V

    Crashed, purchased new gimbal, gimbal has the shakes.

    Hello everybody! New drone operator here. Bought a refurbished unit from the DJI website. I got a little arrogant and crashed my drone. Pretty big impact. Destroyed the gimbal. I ordered a replacement gimbal off of ebay and installed it myself. When I start up the drone, I am able to connect...
  2. N

    gimbal motor overload

    Hi everyone, I had a minor crash with my mavic pro two weeks ago. I was getting the errors: 1.Gimbal motor overloaded. Check weather gimbal clamp is removed. 2. Gimbal is restarting. Check that gimbal rotates smoothly if restart fails again. Everything looked fine until I saw one of the LVDS...
  3. C

    New MPP Ripple effect

    Hi, I've a brand new Mavic pro platinum, bought in November, 30minutes total flight time, all my video is plagued with the ripple/jello effect, I'm new to drones and originally thought this was due to wind or was just the cached video transcoding issue on the phone but today the wind was 10-15km...
  4. K


    el dia de ayer compre un mavic, lo actualice a la ultima firmware, al momento de probarlo en una casa el fpv se caía, lo volví a actualizar y esta vez funciono bien y en exterior re bien, gaste 2 cargas, lo deje enfriar y lo empaque, en la tarde lo saque para volar otro rato y el gimbal tenia...
  5. joshmentele

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Overload Error

    I recently bought a Mavic Pro, removed the gimbal clamp, and turned it on. The camera flopped left and right a couple times, and never stabilized the video. The app displayed "gimbal overload error, make sure the gimbal clamp is removed". I have already done a compass calibration, an IMU...
  6. F

    Mavic Gimbal Repair

    So I replaced both the silver wire and the ribbon cable to my mavic gimbal after I had a bird drop my Mavic from about 150' up. After replacing the ribbon cable the mavic gimbal moved fine but I wasn't receiving any video transmission. I then replaced the silver wires to the camera and now I can...
  7. hamonrye

    Gimbal overload after crash

    I'm on vacation in Europe and crashed mavic into a tree and it fell to the ground about 20 feet. I have Care refresh but I would appreciate some help because I'm going to Sicily in 3 days and really want to use the mavic and can't get it returned in time for vacation videos. Gimbal seems to be...
  8. M


    After a small crash, maybe 3ft off the ground going maybe 2mph... I clipped a propeller and my mavic fell to the ground. A small scratch on the undercarriage, and one cracked prop later, everything seemed fine... until I tried to fly again. I have NO CONTROL over the Gimbal and it says motors...