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  1. S

    Vibrating gimbal and Mini not pairing

    My Mini's gimbal is malfunctioning with a fast vibration of the camera when I power it up, it also no longer pairs with the controller (I use an iPhone 11 with it). I updated the Mini software and Fly apps last week, and tonight took the Mini up for a quick flight. Everything was normal, it...
  2. R

    New Air 2s drone not paired with controller, and unable to do so manually

    So I just got my new DJI Air 2s, and it isnt paired with the controller. I have owned the Mavic Pro, Pro 2 Zoom and the Air 2, and never had an issue with controller pairing. The Air 2s is supposed to be paired with the controller from the factory. Already when DJI Fly asks which drone I want to...
  3. R

    Set-Up New Drone to Old Controller

    Hi there - I lost my original drone, but DJI was able to send a new one that I am now trying to pair with the original controller. When I hold down the power button on the drone to start pairing, the app isn't able to pair with it and the drone starts just flashing yellow. I've tried a couple of...
  4. NoviceKNOWnot

    Mini 2 AC Lost connection - Won't pair or turn off

    My mini 2 won't connect to the RC or app. I can't seem to get it to pair, or even to go into pairing mode. (Press and hold power button for 4 seconds until AC beeps and power battery indicator flashes) I've contacting DJI's chat support, and they were responsive and helpful. Unfortunately, none...
  5. M

    Pairing replacement Mini with RC

    Hi. New member looking for help please. Have just replaced Mini (lost over sea - auto landing that could not be cancelled) and am struggling to find accurate info online how to pair the replacement with my old remote control unit. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Presumably...
  6. I

    Mini to Remote Pairing Problem.

    I just returned from vacation where I was videoing a wedding for a friend using my Mini. I experienced a really problematic situation whereby my Mini refused to pair with the remote control. I tried the pairing procedure multiple times, restarted everything and nothing. I then quickly...
  7. Amarand

    Mavic Air and Goggles

    I received the Mavic Air and DJI (White) Goggles today. After getting the RC and the aircraft paired, I updated all the firmware across the board, and took the Air outside. I was able to take off and land a few times, but stopped because it was going to be raining soon. So I took the party...
  8. AdventureCity

    Multiple Simultaneous Mavics

    I was wondering ... if there are multiple Mavics in an area, how does pairing occur between the controller and drone? Is it possible for someone else to take over my Mavic?