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  1. R

    If i have a mini 3 pro and an RC controller, can i use dronelink or should i buy an N1?

    I need to use my drone for photogrammetry, but since the RC controller does not support 3rd party apps, should i buy the normal controller? or there is something that i can do?
  2. ZenSamurai

    Seeking advice for a career in Drone Surveying

    Hi! So out of the blue, I've decided to get into drone photogrammetry, mapping/survey. Any advice on where to start? I was thinking of changing my Mini 2 for a proper drone and learning but adding all the costs of drone + courses + software and we break the bank. Another option I was thinking of...
  3. M

    New Pilot Check In

    Greetings from Tasmania! Have been a long time fan of drones but due to other financial constraint and priorities, i always had delay my plans to purchase one. And then out of nowhere my brother in law gifted me one. Its a mavic mini and so far i am amazingly impressed with the quality i am...

    Tutorial: 3D Photogrammetry with WebODM

    WebODM is free open source software. This model was built using 130 jpegs and 1 hour of processing time. Its easy to install by following the instructions. I will post an install video shortly.

    3D Photogrammetry with Metashape

    Works for all drones. I used 137 photos and took about 20 minutes to process in Metashape. Very powerful software, will be posting more ways to use it. This is a quick entry into the 3D photogrammetry game.
  6. Z

    How to extract geotagged frames from video for use in photogrammetry

    Hi all, This might be useful to some of you wanting to do photogrammetry from videos you've taken with your drones and prepare them for processing with a service like WebODM. This creates excellent orthophotos, point clouds, and 3D models from your scenes. This is not point and click, this is...
  7. afbayonac

    Grid photogrammetry simplest tool for litchi waypoints

    1. Configure Parameters 2. Draw the polygon 3. Download Litchi CVS Is hosted in GitHub
  8. J

    Add GPS Info from SRT File to individual Images extracted from Video File

    Hi Guys, So I want to do Photogrammetry with the Mavic 3. I have done so successfully using Images. For a new project I am looking to fly the drone quite slowely down a forestry road and do a 3D model of the road afterwards with dronedeploy. Instead of taking pictures, I am planning to film it...
  9. D

    Aerial Photogrammetry tutorials

    Aerial Photogrammetry tutorials. Hello drone pilots, pls check my educational video from tutorials pack «Agisoft Metashape Pro fundamentals for...
  10. H


    I am keen to experiment with photogrammetry using my Mavic Pro. I want to take a series of jpeg images at specific points along a pre-defined route. I will then stitch these together using Agisoft PhotScan. I think the DJI app waypoint feature isn't going to cut it - does anyone have a better...
  11. paulbeumer

    Canyon scouting

    Hi I could use some advise. I'm planning to go on a white water kayak trip, and will take the MP in watery places. The idea is to do some photogrammetry photo shoots in canyons and/or tight river passages. I wonder if anybody has some experience with it and is willing to share them. I have...