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  1. Mako79

    Mavic Platinum Props on a Mavic Pro Noise Test

    It will definitely make the Mavic Pro quieter. Looks like its a combination of motors and props to achieve the "60%" drop in noise. Would like to see an battery test with the 8331 props on the Mavic Pro to test efficiency. *not my vid* but enjoy.
  2. DougAles

    Mavic Platimum explained

  3. S

    Low-Noise Propeller Swap

    Does anyone know if the New Platinum's Quiet Props can be used on the standard Pro to reduce the noise even a little? I understand there are motor differences as well that contribute to the muting, but if the props can be swapped to muffle the Pro even a little, that would be nice.
  4. M

    DJI Mavic Flying Around Wawel Castle in Krakow Poland

  5. Mako79

    Is everyone upgrading to the Platinum props?

    So is everyone going Mavic Pro with Platinum props?
  6. TrayBoz

    Mavic Platinum Props on the Standard Mavic

    I think the million dollar question is: When I put the newly-designed Mavic Platinum props on my standard Mavic, am I going to hear a significant noise reduction? Anyone have the new props yet and tried this? Please post here when you do, I'd love to know.
  7. heo3480

    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum - is it worth it?

    This video shortly summarises what information I could find about the new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. What do you all think about it?