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  1. D

    First attempt at a drone video! MPP at the seafront, Hastings, UK

    I posted this in the new pilots check in section as I've only owned my first decent drone - a Mavic Pro Platinum - for just over a month. Someone kindly suggested I post it here instead. It's my first ever attmpt at making a video of any sort, let alone a drone video so please go easy on me! I'm...
  2. D

    New MPP owner in Hastings, East Sussex UK

    Hi, Just saying hello as a new member. I was bought a very basic Visio Siluroid drone by my fiancee (now wife! :) ) last Christmas and it was a great introduction. It was good fun for a bit but just a toy until it flew off in a gust of wind it couldn’t compete with! Well after nearly a year of...
  3. S

    Mavic Pro Platinum Coreboard A bricked

    A few weeks ago, I bricked the coreboard A in my Mavic Pro Platinum while trying to flash firmware 1.03.0700 using DUMLdore. When the "bricked" coreboard is installed, the mavic can turn on but won't connect to the computer or remote, and the LED's are red. At the time, I didn't know that...
  4. 00TANK

    Where is spotlight?

    Hi all, I’m pretty new to flying and this is my first drone, so apologies if this is a really novice question. My problem is I can’t seem to find the spotlight option anymore in ActiveTrack. I know it’s been there before and I’ve used it several times. But now I can’t see it anywhere anymore...
  5. E

    Mavic Pro Platinum - COMPLETE PACKAGE W/ EXTRAS

    Hey all, up for sale is my less then a year old Pro Platinum. This is in mint condition and flown sparingly. Included in the sale is everything in the picture: - 4 batteries - DJI Katana hand held mount - Set of 3 high quality polar pro ND filters - Range Increaser for remote - 2 spare props -...
  6. L

    Right front landing brake

    Hello, i broke the right front leg of my Pro Platinum. Not the arm, but just the leg. I don't find where to buy another one. Not want the arm, with motor and leg. Do you know where i can find one, please? Thanks
  7. W

    Smart RTH overprotective nanny....or is it.

    I recently upgraded from Mavic pro to Platinum, and I keep finding myself returning to home thinking I was low on battery. This internal clock needs to be reset because the Platinum seems to fly forever. On the best day of the year here in the Pacific northwest I decided to do a distance run...
  8. T

    Mavic Pro Platinum Costco Deal

    Can anyone speak on the value or lack thereof with the current Costco MPP bundle that has DJI goggles, bag, prop guards, single battery, and of course controller for $1199.99? I've been trying to decide between Mavic Air and Mavic Pro(Platinum). I think the size of the MPP is fine and small...
  9. totheMAXfilms

    Mavic film in Miami + Mercedes AMG GT S

    Hey, I'm new poster here and wanted to share a video I made with the help of my MPP. I bought my Mavic Platinum early this year and I'm loving the DJI experience so far. This is my first drone and I'm finding it fairly easy to use (although there is a mild crash I filmed which I added to the...
  10. S

    Pro parts vs platinum pro parts

    So my question is a slightly rhetoric one but I don't definitely know the answer so I'm asking for clarity. Does the MP and MPP share similar hardware all the way to the roots? I crashed my drone yesterday and I am looking for a ribon cable and vibration board but I am only seeing it labeled...
  11. A

    Snow near to Paris with Platinum

  12. C

    New Mavic Mountaineer

    Hi all from West by god Virginia, New to drones, but Im pretty clutch at piloting the heli on GTA. Got a Mavic PP and a gang of batteries last week. Using a mini4 iPad cellular for screen and its badass. Mainly looking to use filming action sports, rafting, skiing, boating, travel. Snagged a...
  13. A

    Mavic over Maui Video

    Hello everyone, I have beenviewing the forums for a bit but finally registered today. I recently visited Maui, specifically Hana and the southern portion of the island and was able to capture some beautiful footage that lead me to create my first movie, hope you all enjoy it.
  14. M

    DJI M Platinum....surgery for max height?

    ... Hey MAvic Pilots, does anyone have experience with unleashing Mavic Platinums full potential without soldering? e.g. max height >500 m ..... would need that feature since I film in the mountains
  15. Partizans

    DJI GO Stability on Android -vs- IOS

    I see this topic has not been touched upon for more than 7 months, and is worth rehashing because of updates to programs and operating systems... I'm an Android-tablet user, but am considering purchasing an IOS-tablet just for FPV use with the Mavic Pro (Platinum). The reason is that...
  16. Partizans

    Jailbreaking DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (MPP)

    Has anyone with the new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (MPP) tried jailbreaking it to remove the limitations? If so, what happens to the ESC parameters that are the essence of the Platinum (e.g. Quiet flight, extended flight time)?
  17. P

    Platinum more range than Mavic Pro?

    I’ve owned several Mavic Pros and got the Platinum several weeks ago. After taking the Platinum on very similar routes as the Pro, I’m convinced the Platinum has more range. Like 25 percent more. Now I live in Southern California which is a busy place to fly. There’s usually some sort of...
  18. W

    Original, White, or Platinum?

    So if I am purchasing a Mavic Pro for the first time, should I get the original, white, or platinum? Been reading everything and watching this thing for a year, finally pulling the trigger in the next week or so in case they have a Black Friday sale. If the original, there have been guesses...
  19. PaulArcher

    New Mavic white Alpine vs Platinum

    Hey guys, The new snow-colored Mavic is available for ordering. I don't find it especially exciting, but I must say it's the best package you can get a mavic with. It comes with 3 batteries in the pack and at a price lower than the standard Platinum. Here's my overview on which one is best to...
  20. R

    Sold - Mavic Pro Platinum

    I ordered two Pro Platinum's, one from DJI on 10-24 and one from Amazon last September. Figured I would cancel the order of one after the other showed up. Well, both are coming on Monday 11-13 to Cedar Park / Austin TX. If you want to buy one, unopened, for retail on the 14th contact me. It will...