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  1. A

    Mavic 3 Pro POI Orbit of Building

    I’m an owner of a Mavic 2 Pro and I recently purchased a Mavic 3 Pro. The software is considerably different. I now have an RC Pro. I can’t figure out how to orbit a selected building as the POI. It was easy on the Mavic 2 Pro. But on the Mavic 3 Pro with an RC Pro it doesn’t work the same...
  2. C

    Litchi POI - Can Height of POI be set?

    Hi, i'm just starting to play around with waypoints on Litchi and Google Earth. I have a test mission setup and am curious as to the POI behavior. For one of my future missions, i want to capture some large rock formations at the top of a cliff. I want the POI to either look straight out or...
  3. C

    DJI Fly / Android 13 Devices / POI and Tracking

    Anyone else noticing an issue with Android 13 devices (mine is a Pixel 7 pro) and DJI Fly on anything using POI/Active track? Ive replicated this on 2 devices now. Ultimately the second you draw a box to select a target the live feed freezes and receives only jerky updates every 10-15 seconds...
  4. Yaros

    Spotlight (FocusTrack mode) is very useful even on stationary objects! Try it out!

    I have been flying my Air 2 for a little more than 7 months now, most of the flights have done videos completely manually flying the drone. Recently I tried to use the FocusTrack modes and I find them extremely useful, even on things that are stationary like buildings, for example. It's so easy...
  5. T

    Mavic Air 2s POI works while QuickShot Circle fails

    I wanted to compare Point of Interest with the QuickShots Circle, partly because I wondered if there's any benefit to using the latter (it entails more steps). Here's a sped-up clip using the POI feature. To create it, I dragged out a selection rectangle around the structure and tapped Go...
  6. Drone_The_Sky

    Hey all just a little video about the Mavic Air 2 (Active Track & Zoom)

  7. Rhysg412

    Rapeseed Crop Field Edit - Mavic Pro 4k Footage

    Hi all, I drove past a rapeseed field yesterday on my way home and thought it would make for a cool video.. let me know what you think.. My Insta: Instagram: DJI_Rhys - Mavic Pro Drone 4K
  8. heo3480

    Mavic Air POI Power Tip

    Sometimes it's not possible to use Mavic Air Point Of Interest because you are not allowed to fly over an object or there are lots of people around. This video shows a Mavic Air Power Tip that will help you get around that and capture that fantastic cinematic footage
  9. JoeCec

    DJI Ground Station Pro Point Of Interest Mode -- GSPro POI Tutorial

    What are your thoughts on the POI Mode in GSPro?
  10. P

    HowTo 16 More Drone Cinematic Moves/Maneuvers/Techniques Tutorial+Controls for Landscapes/POIs of 71

    Hey all, I made a follow-up tutorial/how-to video of 16 MORE aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips for a total of 71 maneuvers. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative side. It’s my 11th day flying the Mavic so feedback is...
  11. P

    HowTo: Shoot Multiple POIs/Scapes in 1 Cut w/ Basic Drone Moves, Cinematic Tutorial/Controls/Tips 4K

    Hello! I made a quick tutorial video on using basic drone maneuvers to capture several POIs/scenes/landscapes in one cut. It’s my 8th day flying a drone and 3rd video with Premiere Pro so it won’t be as pro as others but I would love to hear any form of feedback. There seems to be a shortage...
  12. DownandLocked

    Litchi POI Accuracy ?

    I just started using Litchi and was interested in the POI pointing accuracy when changing locations and heights. Video below shows a flight with POI chosen as the lamp post in the center of the image with the POI height 6 ft off the ground. I set a few waypoints at various locations and...
  13. Starbase Durango

    Automatically take photos at a specific interval using Point of Interest

    Is there a way to automatically take a series of pictures while in POI? I am asking as a way to include then in a 3D model, with DroneDeploy. I know that I can take a series of individual pictures, but can I set it to take a picture, say every 0.5/second? Thanks
  14. MavicMikeGA

    Wow! POI Video w/ Taco ND 16 Filter, 15-20 MPH wind, cached footage

    TLDR (Video): ND16 Taco filter let me step down to 50 FPS, 100 ISO POI rotation at about 25 feet radius and 15 feet up. Video footage was very...
  15. R

    Litchi gimbal control is going nuts

    I have been flying test loops with Litchi in Waypoint under different scenarios. I'm getting flights where i have a POI and only a handful of waypoints, constant height, and the gimbal swoops up to the sky and down to the ground and then back like its searching for something. Doesn't do it in Go...