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  1. J

    Giving us a bad name

    Whilst we all in the U.K. enjoy the freedom flying a drone of less than 250g it appears some operators are doing everything they can to get them banned. I'm talking about the growing number of 'Auditors' on YouTube who fly their drones over police stations and sensitive sites to deliberatly...
  2. D

    Drones as first responders

    "Each day, the Chula Vista police respond to as many as 15 emergency calls with a drone, launching more than 4,100 flights since the program began two years ago. Chula Vista, a Southern California city with a population of 270,000, is the first in the country to adopt such a program, called...
  3. A

    Was threatened to be arrested

    Was filming a protest today in southern California and had 4 officers say I would be arrested if I didn't land my drone cause they had a police drone (no markings, lights and impossible to differentiate from a consumer one) flying and I was apparently interrupting their surveillance of the...
  4. maxapeters

    Interesting Conversation with Police

    Hey guys, I had an interesting talk with a police officer while flying my drone on a Part107 flight just a few days ago and I thought I’d share it! I was out flying in a Class D airspace, I had unlocked the geo zone and gotten approval through LAANC when I was confronted by a police officer...
  5. M

    Could anyone help me out?

    Hey guys! I am wondering if possibily any of you could help me out with a research piece i am doing for university on drones use in police forces. I really want to get people who are drone pilots to fill in my survey. I hope you wont mind as it only takes a few minutes and youll be helping me...
  6. PavicMilot

    Hold a Mavic Demo for your company or police dept

    Over the summer I held two demonstrations (each lasting ~15-20 minutes) showing off the Mavic and showing how remarkably stable it is. I had over 70 people attend at the company I work for in NH, and everyone was amazed. I figure, it's like lowering the "Fear Factor" about drones in general...
  7. I

    First run in with the police.

    As a responsible drone pilot, I checked with all local and federal laws prior to taking flight. While In flight a local police officer took it upon himself to make the decision that I was to close to the airport. I tried to explain that I was below the altitude limit....way below and that the...
  8. R

    Drone Pilot gets 30 days + Fine + restitution in crash

    The Drone Pilot who crashed into the crowd and injured a woman at a Seattle Pride Day Parade has been sentenced... Pilot of drone that struck woman at Pride Parade gets 30 days in jail
  9. Member

    Tactical use of the Mavic by the police