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premiere pro

  1. M

    Mastershots format

    Hi its is possible in Premiere PRo EDition remove the color profile of Mastershots? Thanks
  2. D

    Sydney Australia Cinematic Drone Video Mavic Mini

    This beautiful drone video showcases stunning locations around Sydney ? enjoy!
  3. D

    Using Premiere Pro

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this
  4. D

    Mini Sydney Video

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over here
  5. O

    DashWare custom gauges - thoughts?

    Hi all, I followed along with some of the other members who created DashWare gauges and wanted to try my hand at it as well. Take a look and let me know if these look worthwhile or if there are any confusing parts of it. I combined data from the SRT logs and from the encrypted text file logs...
  6. Hegemone

    Totally Tubular

    You guys all go out and take videos and shots of grand vistas and inspiring locations. What do I do with my Mavic Mini? Try to fly it through giant tubes. What messes with internal compasses? Giant metal tubes do. Regardless, just some quick goofing around with the Premiere Pro CC proxy editing...
  7. F

    Mavic Pro - Specific Drone causes crashes in premiere

    Hoping someone here can help me with an issue that has been plaguing my workplace. We have a few mavic pros that my work uses for shooting real estate, and they all work fine when bringing footage in to premiere except for one Pro. One clip from this drone on every shoot causes premiere to...
  8. I

    Take your Drone videos to the next Level

    Next time youre looking to share your latest drone masterpiece, dont forget to spend a little time on the opening titles to grab your audiences attention. get the basics, then let your creativness spark the fire.
  9. arapic

    Premiere CC 2018 how to export same quality as original?

    Hi, sorry if this is posted already. Can anyone help me with advice, I just need to cut long videos to short ones to preserve hdd space, and save them for further editing later. I want to preserve same video quality (4k, 24fps) that I took with Mavic Air. What are the best settings not to...
  10. Retrograde

    Impossible to edit 4k@30fps in Premiere Pro CS6

    Hey everyone! Maybe a few of you have experienced that working with 4k video shot on the Mavic can be a headache and I was hoping you could offer me some insight; I'm trying to work with some awesome video I took today with my new Mavic Pro (what a machine) and I've discovered (I'm new to...
  11. B

    Premiere Pro OR Final Cut

    Hey folks I've seen many different videos, about video editing on a mac, but what are your personal experiences and what do you use to edit? I will choose between Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. What are pros and cons between those two editors? (I've not been able to find that discussion in...
  12. Mpunktkarlsson

    Just having fun editing!

    Hey! I have been using gopros just for fun for a while, but when i bought my mavic i also started to try out some editing. This is my latest video from a fishing contest arrenged by me and my two friends. Check it out, hope you like it! :)
  13. topdetop

    Islay in Scotland from the Sky - Mavic/D-log/Polarpro LUT

    Hi guys, I would welcome your comments on this video I shot after a few flights with my new birds in Scotland. Shot in D-log, 4K, post on Adobe Premiere Pro with PolarPro Aurora LUT and a few tweaks. or Thanks all Marc
  14. P

    Cinematic Video shot with Mavic Pro

    The place of the recording is called 'De Dode Maas' because it is a dead end of the river 'Maas' in The Netherlands. Shot this video with the DJI Mavic Pro, decided to go for a cinematic look, therefore I used the anamorphic aspect ratio (2.35:1). Recorded in D-Log (-1,-3,-3) and used the FREE...
  15. P

    -18°C/-4°F Winter footage, first time flight/edit/color. Feedback would be awesome!

    Hey all, it's my first time flying my drone and first try at editing with Premiere Pro (trial version). I shot in D-Log and colored for the very first time. I tinted the video a bit red for some warmth and added some blue to the sky as the original footage had white light, white snow and a lot...
  16. W

    first go at editing

    just a short clip, but I am very new to video and Premiere Pro so this is just the beginning to more edits...