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propeller guard

  1. D

    PGYTECH Prop Guards tested

    I just bought and tested some PGYTECH prop guards and they work quite well. I do aerial videos for realtors in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and recently they have asked me to also do interior video. I don't have a photography background, but I am finding the Mavic2 works pretty well for...
  2. AerialsRus

    Propeller Guards - Pro' & Con's

    New to drones - have reviewed posts for propeller guards. Obviously the guards are meant to protect the blades, but does their installation cause associated problems - vibrations, advanced settings, and etc.. I am not concerned about additional noise.
  3. Special Weapons Group

    Dangerous vibrations (For the Mavic) Help

    I have Mavic with 2.30 mins flight time. Today after circa 30 minutes i got a serious issue which made me land the craft immediately. The Mavic is vibrating as if something had happened to one of the motors. I i thought ir was the extra prop guards that caused the issue, but no. Changed to new...
  4. R

    Propeller guard alternative

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced propeller guard that extends to the side of the propellers as well, not just below? Besides the propeller cage, which is ridiculously expensive. Thanks!

    DJI Spark Propeller Guide (set of 5)

    DJI Spark Propeller Guides (set of 5) These Propeller guides are great for keeping your props in a fixed position for transportation or storage. They are made from non-scratch elastic rubber so they are malleable & will not scratch or damage your spark or propellers. They were designed for easy...
  6. heo3480

    Review: 3 useful accessories for your Mavic

    Let's talk DJI Mavic Pro Accessories - Please find my review of 3 accessories for your Mavic Pro Hope you like it and will provide feedback for future products we can look into.
  7. R

    Nice Video of Mavic Propeller Cage Being Tested

    Came out last night, enjoy. Rob