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    Return to Home Error

    Hey Guys! I just got the Mavic Air yesterday. I tried to fly it today and every time I press the Return to home button, it Gets pretty close to where I landed, and then hovers on top of things: trees, chairs. And then I get a notification that it says “not suitable for landing”. I just don’t...
  2. P

    DJI goggles not working properly

    DJI RE goggles are very problematic. I purchased a set a few days back, took them home, set them up, following the instructions to the letter. Activated them via DJI Assistant 2, Updated the software to the latest firmware, configured them to connect to my DJI Mavic Pro. Briefly tested them out...
  3. J

    Question: RTH under a cliff

    SOLVED! check at the bottom ↓ Hi guys, I have a question about RTH feature and a cliff. Imagine we are at the top of a cliff of 150 meters over the sea, And we setup the RTH altitude at 50m, And we setup the homepoint there at the top And we fly our drone down the cliff, to 20 meters...
  4. L

    New Mavic DOA, bought from dji using PayPal - advice?

    I am currently awaiting an email from dji with instructions on how to return my defective Mavic. I don't know what to expect. Will they want to repair it? Will I get someone else's repaired drone? How long before I have a new one in my hands? If they offer to send out a new one I would be okay...
  5. Member

    Return to home, tree in the way

    At least I'm assuming it was RTH triggered and obstacle avoidance kicked it, sure looks that way.
  6. I

    DJI Mavic Pro Had to go Back

    Arrgg, Mavic had to go back with image and battery issue. Great service from DJI support though.
  7. S

    [Query] Return policy for Mavic pro (Brand New/Never Flown)

    Hi Guys, I got my Mavic pro (fly-less) delivered just last week, I am now planning to return it back to DJI. I live in India and the drone law is still not in place, we are expecting the law/rules since 2014 and its still not amended. Customs officers at Airport are confiscating the drone...