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New Mavic DOA, bought from dji using PayPal - advice?


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Apr 26, 2017
I am currently awaiting an email from dji with instructions on how to return my defective Mavic. I don't know what to expect. Will they want to repair it? Will I get someone else's repaired drone? How long before I have a new one in my hands? If they offer to send out a new one I would be okay with that, if it doesn't take weeks. Best case is they would cross ship a new replacement - is that even remotely likely?

Since I used PayPal should I pursue a refund? Or something else?
They darn well ought to repair it. Send it, its original packaging, your proof of purchase (print it out and put it in the box, that way they can get moving with that information already) and whatever else they say to send. Be very clear it was DOA, and if they ask, describe what you tried, action by action if needed so there is no room for them to misunderstand precisely what you did or didn't do to try to get it working, and why you're sure it's dead.

You paid 'em $1000 for a working drone. You have not yet received a working drone. Once they know this to be the case, legally they still owe you a working drone. (Might have problems of its own, and they reserve the right to send you a refurbished one, which is no fiun to think about, but if it doesn't work, you don't have to accept, legally.)

In my case, I had a Mavic I could fly but had incurable gimbal vibrations, and they replaced it without costing me a thing. Even a prepaid shipping label out to them.

I think and hope they'll do the same for you.

Could take a few weeks, unfortunately. But I think it'll be a free replacement once they've heard enough explanation, and it sounds like they have given that you're waiting for their instructions for shipping it back.

Good luck with your second Mav when it comes.
I always purchase with PayPal just for the fact, I can use it to force a refund if I need to. Fortunately, I haven't had to exercise the ability yet with DJI. Most likely a DOA will probably have them sending you a new one. You can expect to wait 6 weeks for a new one.
Yeah, six weeks just won't do. I'm leaving on a trip well before that. I am strongly considering just fixing it myself, getting a refund on the refresh and adding it to my State Farm policy instead.
I gave it some thought and decided that I prefer to have control over my time. It is ridiculous to wait a couple days to get a mailing label, then send it in, then wait for their acknowledgment of receipt, wait for them to decide how to proceed, wait for some poor tech to tighten two screws, repackage it, wait for them to ship it, then wait for delivery. Based upon what I have read about their service, it is a gamble with regards to how promptly they would process it - and the odds are heavily in the house's favor.

That's not how I want to spend the next few weeks.

I fixed the problem myself and went flying today. It was either that, or return it for a refund and buy locally. That would cost me almost two hundred dollars more, so not an attractive option.
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