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  1. ADMR1985


    Another great stream, 4th one and going strong. Seems to be growing slowely and the more videos i get suggested for us all to watch together the more we can grow. Feedback to each others videos is great. Find myself wanting to try new things from what i see. latest video with the featured vids...
  2. ADMR1985

    Live Drone Show Throw It Out There

    Hi Everyone So i did my first live stream last night, for my new 'Throw It Out There Thursdays' and i was really pleased to have as many people in the stream as i did. Also thank you to those who submitted their or other peopls videos to watch together. This was last nights If you would like...
  3. ADMR1985

    Throw it Out There Thursdays

    If you would like to join in on a new Live Stream where the drone community come together to watch and talk about each others videos then you may be interested in this. every Thursday 9PM UK Time. Thanks Andy
  4. ADMR1985

    PGYTECH Carry Case Unbox & Review

  5. Medyuha

    Greece. Crete. Hersonissos. Review please.

    I want to share the first video on a trip to Crete. Greece. Feedback is appreciated.
  6. V

    New cool review from Alex Assenmacher about LifThor and other cool stuff!

    Very nice review from WeTalkUAV - Alex Assenmacher - about the LifThor Sif Tablet Holder for DJI Mavic Pro/Air and DJI Spark! Also a good review about new hardcases and other useful gadgets for your Mavic. Thanks Alex!
  7. I

    NEW DJI/Ryze Tello drone review- best drone of 2018??

    Ok, held off getting the Tello for a while. Why? Just couldn't believe a drone at that price, could be that good... boy was I wrong. Say HELLO to the TELLO... you won't be disappointed.
  8. I

    Tested Skyreat ND Filters & what PL Filters do.

    Tested out the Skyreat ND filters for DJI Mavic AIR.. also good if you wondered what PL filters do.
  9. I

    Tried out the PolarPro Mavic Air Landing Gear...

    Tried out the PolarPro landing gear. TBH, never been a fan of adding kit to change the dynamics of a UAV... but have to say these are pretty useful.
  10. J

    Mavic Air - my brief review

    Well I’ve had some time on the new Mavic Air this weekend and thought I would write down my opinions which might/not help some of you on the fence. Firstly, I have been flying the Mavic Pro for about four months (prior to the an Inspire 1 and 2 personally and commercially). Quality One of the...
  11. heo3480

    Mavic Pro 12 Month Review

    My honest opinion + addressing 6 issues I have experienced
  12. S

    7.85 Ultra vs 5.5 Crystalsky (review/some tests) Litchi is working!

    I edit this topic frequently. So for updates you have to read it again. On vacation now with my 2 CS monitors. So time for some serious info. Bootuptime for the 5.5 is 1 sec quicker that the Ultra 7.85 With opening apps, the 5.5 is a bit quicker also. Installing some 3rd party APK files...
  13. The Golden Bear

    Mavic Pro review - feedback wanted

    Hi guys, I have just written this review of my Mavic Pro and was wanting some feedback - is this fairly in line with how everyone is finding the drone? If you do like it, I would appreciate you send it round to any friends and family! Loving the Mavic so far! Cheers! Jeremy 2017, the year of...
  14. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND Filter Test in Swiss Alps

    Hello All, I received my Polar Pro Cinema Series ND Filters last weekend and put them through their paces in the Alps. Here is the ND 16 filter in bright mid afternoon sunshine filming at 1/60 shutter speed and 30fps in 4K. I will make a full review soon -
  15. I

    Just got the DJI ND Filters for the Mavic

    Arrived yesterday, and impressed, BUT! Wheres the case???? Would have paid a few extra nuggets if they would have finished the job off!
  16. I

    Anyone using Leg Extenders?

    Morning all. Tried out Some leg extenders. Anyone else using them on their Mavic? Love the battery guards, brilliant idea.
  17. RCSchim

    RCSchim's indepth review (not the usual stuff :)

    These are my thoughts on the Mavic Pro after around 1 month of flying. So many features - sorry couldnt get it much shorter. Check the video Index (clickable in videos Infobox) to jump directly to interesting parts!