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search & rescue drones

  1. Theta

    OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.5 release: Instant geolocation from any drone image

    Hi y'all, We just released update v2.5 of our OpenAthena app for iPhones and iPads. This update simplifies and expedites drone use for critical tasks such as Search and Rescue, precision agriculture, law enforcement, and land management. Unlike other methods that require many photos and lots...
  2. LoudThunder

    Drone used to Find a Missing 5-Year Old Girl with Autism in a Swamp

    Who could love a drone more? A missing five-year-old girl was rescued from a wooded swamp in Florida after police used thermal imaging cameras to locate her. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) posted a video showing the moment deputies found the young girl, who was standing...
  3. Theta

    OpenAthena (optical terrain-raycast app for drone images) updated with support for Mini 4 Pro

    Hi, It's a great weekend to get out and fly, so accordingly we've released some more free updates for you all for OpenAthena. The app allows you to locate anything within any single drone image, turning what's usually a complex mapping task into a simple, quick action: Our latest update for...
  4. Theta

    OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.0 release: Geo-locate any point in your drone images

    Hi! We are Theta Informatics LLC, creators of the free and open source OpenAthena software platform for iOS and Android. We're excited to announce the launch of OpenAthena™ for iOS v2.0. This app introduces exciting new capabilities to your drone, greatly enhancing its mission capabilities...
  5. I

    Should SARS teams Use more UAV's?

    Hey, had a great Q on #mail about man from down under using UAV tech for search & Rescue. Looking to see what the rest of the world is up to. Found some embrace, some ground and others keep their head in the sand. Whats your experience?