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  1. T

    Help analyzing crash / flight data

    Problem? Soft crash in snow Was unit in a crash? slow controlled "crash". What have you tried so far?: nothing What device are you using? iphone x What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app version are you using? newest version Any modification? its...
  2. T

    I am waiting for the Mavic Enterprise. Here’s why.

    The new Mavic 2 models are amazing. The improvements and design is almost as ground breaking as the original model. Improvements in power consumption/management, Occusync 2.0, sensor sensitivity and omnidirectional placement as well as improvements in APAS and flight time. Not to mention the...
  3. K

    New Guy from Hopefully Mid-west USA

    Hello Mavic Pilots - I'm new to the forum; signed-up to evaluate the M2P before possible purchase; currently own P3P since 2015. the camera, gimbal, sensors, small size and sturdiness of the M2P got my attention. Have already read quite a discussion of the P4P vs M2P regarding the camera and...
  4. J

    Visual sensors issue causing slow speed

    Hi, I crashed my MP a while ago and since then, the sensors are always saying something is about 15m away causing the MP to never go faster than about 14km/h. When I turn the sensors off, the max speed returns to around 45km/h. I've tried to re-calibrate the sensors but no joy. Any advice...
  5. E

    Sensor Scratched!!

    Hello Pilots! Today I flew my Air for the 3rd time and turned on the Sport mode. I didn’t know the sensors turns off while in Sport mode. Eventually my drone crashed into a cable in an open field (no idea where that cable from!) and dropped into sand and grass. I cleaned the drone thoroughly...
  6. G

    An issue Flying the Mavic in the rain

    I was filming the approach of the leading runner in a mountain running race in south wales, UK, in cloudy, misty conditions. A few minutes in, and the mist become light rain. The mavic seemed fine and I continued filming for about 10 minutes, always thinking that I should land and that I was...
  7. M

    My general settings menu is missing options.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I remember there being several more options than just 2. How can I get them back? Thanks.
  8. 2

    No control due to Mag interference

    Hello Had my Mavic 3 days, got some great footage and I'm looking for some info after my drone crashed itself. I say it crashed itself as i flew it through a tunnel (with train line above on the bridge) whilst the drone was flying through the tunnel i got a error message saying 'Mag...
  9. J-Dub

    To Sensor or Not to Sensor, that is the question.

    Seems to be a lot of posts on sensor-related issues. Forward sensor problems when flying into the sun. Ground sensor problems when landing. Where would it be advisable to disable the sensors? (ie: When coming in to land from high up, can we hover, and then disable ground sensors so we can...
  10. I

    Mavic pro, Bottom sensors not as good as phantom 3 advanced???

    I was wondering when flying my dad's phantom 3 advanced and even my previously owned phnatom 3 professional, when following any terrain (despite not having terraian follow) the phantom 3 advanced and the phnatom 3 pro will follow up the terrain, and follow down the terrain at a steady altitude...