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  1. M

    Air2S not taking off, Flymode not changeable, Sensors "not able"

    Hello and good day to all, I'm new here and I have the same problem: Problem: My Air2s no longer takes off. She came back from the flight, was stowed and retrieved. Nothing has changed in between. The start log shows no errors, it says "ready to start" in the check. The flight mode is...
  2. T

    Help analyzing crash / flight data

    Problem? Soft crash in snow Was unit in a crash? slow controlled "crash". What have you tried so far?: nothing What device are you using? iphone x What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app version are you using? newest version Any modification? its...
  3. T

    I am waiting for the Mavic Enterprise. Here’s why.

    The new Mavic 2 models are amazing. The improvements and design is almost as ground breaking as the original model. Improvements in power consumption/management, Occusync 2.0, sensor sensitivity and omnidirectional placement as well as improvements in APAS and flight time. Not to mention the...
  4. K

    New Guy from Hopefully Mid-west USA

    Hello Mavic Pilots - I'm new to the forum; signed-up to evaluate the M2P before possible purchase; currently own P3P since 2015. the camera, gimbal, sensors, small size and sturdiness of the M2P got my attention. Have already read quite a discussion of the P4P vs M2P regarding the camera and...
  5. J

    Visual sensors issue causing slow speed

    Hi, I crashed my MP a while ago and since then, the sensors are always saying something is about 15m away causing the MP to never go faster than about 14km/h. When I turn the sensors off, the max speed returns to around 45km/h. I've tried to re-calibrate the sensors but no joy. Any advice...
  6. E

    Sensor Scratched!!

    Hello Pilots! Today I flew my Air for the 3rd time and turned on the Sport mode. I didn’t know the sensors turns off while in Sport mode. Eventually my drone crashed into a cable in an open field (no idea where that cable from!) and dropped into sand and grass. I cleaned the drone thoroughly...
  7. G

    An issue Flying the Mavic in the rain

    I was filming the approach of the leading runner in a mountain running race in south wales, UK, in cloudy, misty conditions. A few minutes in, and the mist become light rain. The mavic seemed fine and I continued filming for about 10 minutes, always thinking that I should land and that I was...
  8. M

    My general settings menu is missing options.

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I remember there being several more options than just 2. How can I get them back? Thanks.
  9. 2

    No control due to Mag interference

    Hello Had my Mavic 3 days, got some great footage and I'm looking for some info after my drone crashed itself. I say it crashed itself as i flew it through a tunnel (with train line above on the bridge) whilst the drone was flying through the tunnel i got a error message saying 'Mag...
  10. J-Dub

    To Sensor or Not to Sensor, that is the question.

    Seems to be a lot of posts on sensor-related issues. Forward sensor problems when flying into the sun. Ground sensor problems when landing. Where would it be advisable to disable the sensors? (ie: When coming in to land from high up, can we hover, and then disable ground sensors so we can...
  11. I

    Mavic pro, Bottom sensors not as good as phantom 3 advanced???

    I was wondering when flying my dad's phantom 3 advanced and even my previously owned phnatom 3 professional, when following any terrain (despite not having terraian follow) the phantom 3 advanced and the phnatom 3 pro will follow up the terrain, and follow down the terrain at a steady altitude...