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signal strength

  1. B


    I know that there is a certain range at which the drone returns to its launching position. Is it caused by the remote or the drone not being able to receive a signal. In other words, does the remote or the drone send a stronger signal
  2. M

    75% of antennas ?

    My fun all started with replacing a front right motor. I noticed the motor was hot, burn my finger hot. There was a lot of rotation resistance. Time to watch you tube to see how to replace it! After a 28 minute video I said to myself “I can do that”. It was all going great until it was time to...
  3. O

    Using a second drone to boost video range

    [NB: I'm just throwing this out there, because I lack the engineering prowess to pull this off as a modification.] Imagine having a small, second drone whose job is to park directly above you at your flight ceiling and RELAY control and video signals from you to your primary drone and back...
  4. S

    DJI Go App Signal Question

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere (I can't seem to find an answer). Does anyone know what it means when either the HD or RC signal Icons blink? I ask because they seem to blink at various distances. Meaning I could be a mile or more out and have 4-5 bars but they could start blinking...
  5. Belmont

    I can't seem to fly further than 3300 feet from controler

    I am using a Galaxy 8+ and running Litchi. No matter where I seem to fly I can at best only reach 3300 feet from the RC before my connectivity bar signal indicators drop off, then to red, and then nothing. Any thoughts on the matter?
  6. GA_Mavic

    How much do you push your Mavic?

    In a residential area, I lose a few bars of signal strength around 1,000 feet (around 300 AGL). I maintain VLOS, so I'm sure it's due to WiFi interference. My questions is: How much do you trust the Mavic to alert you of a weak signal, or return to home in the event of signal loss. I...