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    Feb 2, 2018
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    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere (I can't seem to find an answer). Does anyone know what it means when either the HD or RC signal Icons blink? I ask because they seem to blink at various distances. Meaning I could be a mile or more out and have 4-5 bars but they could start blinking. This also happens at much closer ranges.

    I recently added 3rd party antennas and just started to notice this. Everything seems to be fine and this was probably happening before the antenna mod but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows what this could mean.

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    It means interference is being detected. Not enough to stop your flight but be paying attention. Page 46 in the manual.
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    Yeah mine does that all the time too. Even when it's literally over my head. I don't get it. Seems to fly fine though for a far distance while still blinking
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