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  1. Blue Bird.jpg

    Blue Bird.jpg

    My Bird. I call her, Eagle One
  2. Skyler King III

    DecalGirl has Mavic Air 2 Skins

    DecalGirl has Mavic Air 2 Skins This is a great company to do business with. I have done business for a couple of years at least and have orderred skins for many drones. Fast shipping and great Service (Ask for Melissa) I personally chose the black and white checkerboard...
  3. DillySkins

    looking for a few beta testers

    Not sure if any of you have a Spark but we have 4 beta skins for free testing available, it is the Shock and Awe version as displayed on our site. PM me here for a test drive (lower US only for this test). Thanks! ______________________________ We are getting ready to launch a set of skins...
  4. Chirp

    Some basic skin questions...

    I'm working on my first skin in Photoshop and have some basic questions since I don't know the first thing about them. • What file type? I see templates online here that are in .PDF format, is that the standard format? • If you don't have your own cutter is there a service company you...
  5. M

    Mavic Air - what color and why

    My first thought was to get the red, but Best Buy doesn't have any available, as of today. My main reason was because it's the most visible color (easiest to see). Now I'm thinking about the white, since white on black is high contrast. Most recently, I thought about putting hi-viz...
  6. Wrapgrade

    DRONEWRAP released a new lineup "NEON".

    DRONEWRAP has released NEON line, a fluorescent color line, in addition to the conventional 14 colors. Parts that have never existed are added to this NEON line, and the effect of improving the visibility from the lower side is particularly expected. These are already available for purchase and...
  7. TrayBoz

    DecalGirl VS DroneWrap Japan skins

    Has anyone tried both the DecalGirl skins AND the DroneWrap Japan skins? I'm trying to decide on my new suit and wondering who makes the better quality. I've used the iCarbon skin and it was pretty good, but I have nothing to compare it to quality-wise, and the edges are beginning to peel up...
  8. AlanTheBeast

    Yet another skin post - Carbon Orange (Taco)

    First time I've skinned ... anything. Munged up a few areas that will never get fixed, but the worst issues were addressed with a hair drier and a smooth curved steel tool from the iFixIt kit. The Taco adhesive seemed not quite sticky enough, especially for small bits going around corners...
  9. AlanTheBeast

    Skinning - easy?

    Was flying yesterday (spotted some deer - but didn't know it until I got home and played the recording) and out to my furthest point (2.1 km). Also on a shorter flight (1.7 km) but with more trees in the way got a forced RTH for signal loss for the first time. (That's when it all flashes in...
  10. F

    does anyone make Deadpool skins for Mavic?

    Wondering if anyone makes a skin that looks like DC Deadpool for the Mavic?