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  1. J

    Magic 2 Pro vs Inspire 2

    Hello All, About a year ago I bought an Inspure 2. It was my second drone and I have really loved flying it. Lately thought I’ve been putting serious thought into a Magic 2 Pro (M2P). My biggest problem with my Inspire 2 is the size. I am a big traveler and unless I want to drop $500 on a big...
  2. CemAygun

    Static (grounded) camera stability problem...

    I posted this in the DJI MA forum couple of days ago but could not get any replies. I just wanted to try my luck here, in case there is a solution: Couple of days back I was out for some sunset videos with my camera when I realized that I forgot all my batteries home. I already had the MA in...
  3. T

    Straight Line Tracking Issues

    Im out getting comfortable (practicing the control) flying my MP and I've some issues cropping up. If I track straight out a hundred yards and then come straight back (backwards) the MP doesn't go in a straight line. As it slows down it drifts to the right in the direction I has been...
  4. Partizans

    DJI GO Stability on Android -vs- IOS

    I see this topic has not been touched upon for more than 7 months, and is worth rehashing because of updates to programs and operating systems... I'm an Android-tablet user, but am considering purchasing an IOS-tablet just for FPV use with the Mavic Pro (Platinum). The reason is that...
  5. P

    Tilt-Shift/Diorama Mini Time Lapse in Strong Winds: Mavic Stability+Battery Test

    Warp-stabilized Version Normal Version Hi, here’s an unplanned short video of a tilt-shift/miniature/diorama with the Mavic Pro. I was initially planning to see how well and how long it would hover under strong winds and okayish temps. Speeds in the video vary between 100x and 4000x plus a...
  6. A

    Stability problems on iOS (yes, really ;P)

    Hey guys, I recently got a Mavic. Wonderful device, mine isnt plagued at all by any hardware-related problems. Great, but sadly I cannot really say that for the software. First I tried the drone with an older HTC One M7, later with an S7 Edge. Plethora of Problems, I spare you the details so I...
  7. AlanTheBeast

    Hover stability - P4P and MP - mild wind

    Shot this video today (two vids, edited together) to see if one or the other seems more stable while hovering into the wind. Winds were from the front to back of the drones (towards the camera) 5 knots, gusting to 10 (Mk I guesstimator).
  8. K

    Mavic Pro Unstable And Cannot Fly Stright

    Hello! I got my Mavic Pro about two weeks ago, and I feel like it is worse than my Phantom 3 Standard in terms of stability. I have linked to the video where I am trying to hover over a tree, yet it shifts around in the wind. I also cannot seem to always go in straight lines when I fly forward...