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Straight Line Tracking Issues


Aug 5, 2018
Im out getting comfortable (practicing the control) flying my MP and I've some issues cropping up.

If I track straight out a hundred yards and then come straight back (backwards) the MP doesn't go in a straight line. As it slows down it drifts to the right in the direction I has been traveling.

Also when tracking a longer line the MP yaws one direction and drifts the other. Baffling.

Any ideas?
There were no winds.

Weird, I just took it out with another MP pilot and it was not duplicated. Yesterday it was dusk when it happened. will try it again.
I have the same issue. Can't fly a straight line. Have tried calibrating mavic, calibrating controller, nothing.

I have the same issue as well with my MPP. It started after taking it on holiday.

It does not fly straight, slight yaw drift when hovering, and when braking it sharply drifts/moves sideways. Some flights the issue is very big, sometimes very small. calibrations do not help.
I’ve never had any issues with my MP, but it will struggle to fly straight sometimes. In the beginning I recalibrated the controller and the drone, but finally figured it’s probably just wind you just can’t feel at ground level. I’ve also considered it might be something to do with the props, but it’s so slight and doesn’t happen all the time, I haven’t bothered to experiment with that.
the issue he has is exactly the same as I have. But with me it was fine out of the box and started on holiday (far away from where I normally fly). tried multiple compass calibrations at different locations without solving the issue. When I got back home (and re-calibrating the compass) the issue pretty much disappeared again.

Does he actually start a compass calibration in flight? Or does he just yaw the drone at the start of the flight?
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Have any of you recently updated your FW. There were a couple of versions where people were reporting problems, Personally, mine started having short distant telemetry and video issues. The most recent FW update corrected that. Just a thought, maybe a recent update may be the issue. You might post your FW versions to see if those with the above problem are on the same FW.
After reading this thread, I started looking around at the sensors a bit more and noticed an odd phenomenon. Compass 2 (the front one) always seems to fluctuate quite a bit, bouncing back and forth from anywhere from a reading in the low 100's to the mid 200's. Compass 1 is always steady and has a very low reading (2-70 range). I flew around while keeping the compass reading open, and noticed that when the drone pitched forward the reading in compass 2 drastically decreases. Conversely, when you pull back on the stick and fly in reverse, the reading skyrockets well into the yellow with a reading pushing 500. Anyone know if they all do this, or is this just an isolated thing?

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