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  1. OneQuickSix

    Max altitude when using the Intelligent Flight/FocusTrack Modes

    Any idea what the max (practical) drone altitude would be to keep a reliable lock on a person (say walking or jogging) would be? Is 150 feet too high (i.e. the person would be too small in the sensor to reliably track)? If not, what is too high? Thanks!
  2. Jani

    A feature what would be my savior

    I have enjoyed a lot of flying the MA2, but there is one feature what would make my life much easier... 
 MA2 is small drone, so it's easy to carry in backpack ready to fly while mountain biking. I hand launch the drone, frame the shot, put drone in tracking mode and hit the GO button. Remote...
  3. L

    How can I "lock on" the Mavic Air Camera to a stationary subject -like my home?

    I want to lock the camera onto my stationary home and fly simple manuevers while the camera is locked onto my home. -like flying back and away while gaining altitude and have the camera automatically "Slew" onto the front of my home -so I dont need to use the Gimbal Wheel. Or other simple...
  4. A

    Subject tracking possible with drone at knee height?

    Is there some way, possibly by turning off obstacle avoidance, to use some form of subject auto tracking with the drone closer to the ground? The Anafi can do this no problem. Thanks!
  5. T

    Straight Line Tracking Issues

    Im out getting comfortable (practicing the control) flying my MP and I've some issues cropping up. If I track straight out a hundred yards and then come straight back (backwards) the MP doesn't go in a straight line. As it slows down it drifts to the right in the direction I has been...
  6. D

    Samsung S9+ GPS Interference

    Hi guys, Have been using DJI Mavic Pro to film parts of sports trainings for about 6 months. Everything was working perfectly until I changed from iPhone 7 to Samsung S9+ about a month ago. Since changing over, the GPS trackers on some of the players are not being transmitted to their...
  7. B

    No Intelligent Flight Mode and Tracking.

    Arrived in Maui couple of days ago. Updated current firmware in my Air. Now I do not have the intelegent flight mode icon on my ipad or iphone screen UNLESS I select beginers mode but they will not work in beginners mode ( I tried it) . If I try to fly out of beginners mode the Air will not...
  8. Mark Rowan

    FAA and follow me mode

    This is a copy of my post at InspirePilots forum. FAA UAS regulations for recreational hobbyist and commercial pilots requires that the PIC (pilot in charge) must operate the aircraft in line of sight. This basically means that using a follow me or tracking mode would not be allowed. However...
  9. A

    Testing Active Tracking at Park

    Testing out the active tracking on the Mavic Pro at a local park - raw footage. Pretty cool feature, I look forward to testing it out more in the future. It seems like the tracking doesn't quite work directly above targets. I don't know if that is because it can't distinguish what it is...
  10. A

    Additional GPS Tracker

    hi I had a Phantom 2 ( still have ) - but with the reports of many flyaways, i attached a separate ( cheap / small) GPS tracker to it, so i could ping the tracker and hopefully, it would tell me how far back to china my Phantom had made it before crashing. Fortunately, never had to use it...
  11. S

    How to get video of iPhone display while using DJI App?

    I saw several vids where you can see the display of the DJI app with all settings and the small map while flying. How can I record it (without hacking the iPhone?)? There are settings to save flight data somewhere in the app. Where is it stored and what can I do with it? How to extract them and...
  12. D

    Get your DJI tracking number early by searching for it here

    I've developed a simple tool that everyone may use in an attempt to locate their tracking number earlier than DJI might otherwise provide it to you. Feel free to try it out and see if anything is found. If your order has been shipped by DJI, then your tracking number should be automatically...