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  1. Murat Bozbulut

    Mini Aydos Forest Istanbul - Shot by DJI Mavic Mini with ND filters

    Aydos Forest The highest hill of Istanbul with an altitude of 537 meters. ''Aydos'' means eagle in Greek language. You can easily jog and hike here through the trails besides looking at the beautiful trees and enjoying nature. All footage shot by DJI Mavic Mini in 2.7 K with sunnylife ND...
  2. T

    Istanbul Camlica Hill - Close Up to Largest Mosque in Turkey

    Drone footage of Camlica Mosque, sitting on highest point of Istanbul
  3. Aydin Tamturk

    Drone In Turkey (Turkish Drone Laws)

    Hello fellow pilots , I’ve been wandering and reading all of the forum debates on people whom want to bring their drones to Turkey or whom who want to fly with a drone that is capable of shooting video & photography but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation how to do it ...
  4. S

    flying drone in Turkey

    Ive been in Turkey as a trip - items : mavic pro, 2 batteries(in the plastic bag seperately), laptop, iphone......etc - journey : seoul-istanbul(transfer)-kapadoccia-antalya-istanbul-seoul - airport 1) seoul-ataturk(istanbul) : korean airlines, ok 2) istanbul-kayseri(kapadoccia) : turkish...
  5. H

    Hello from Istanbul - TURKEY

    Hey Everyone I've been a drone pilot for five months. I had a phantom 3 pro but I crashed my P3P into the sea and saved but unfortunately there were lots of problems and I sold it and bought my dream Mavic Pro. It looks so pretty, I'm interested in photography for a long time, looking forward...
  6. Aydin7

    Picture and video from my first flight

    My first flight area near Sillyon antic city Antalya - Turkey Sillyon - Wikipedia
  7. Aydin7

    Antalya - Turkey here :)

    merhaba Antalyadan hi from Antalya