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  1. T

    Istanbul Camlica Hill - Close Up to Largest Mosque in Turkey

    Drone footage of Camlica Mosque, sitting on highest point of Istanbul
  2. Aydin Tamturk

    Drone In Turkey (Turkish Drone Laws)

    Hello fellow pilots , I’ve been wandering and reading all of the forum debates on people whom want to bring their drones to Turkey or whom who want to fly with a drone that is capable of shooting video & photography but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation how to do it ...
  3. S

    flying drone in Turkey

    Ive been in Turkey as a trip - items : mavic pro, 2 batteries(in the plastic bag seperately), laptop, iphone......etc - journey : seoul-istanbul(transfer)-kapadoccia-antalya-istanbul-seoul - airport 1) seoul-ataturk(istanbul) : korean airlines, ok 2) istanbul-kayseri(kapadoccia) : turkish...
  4. H

    Hello from Istanbul - TURKEY

    Hey Everyone I've been a drone pilot for five months. I had a phantom 3 pro but I crashed my P3P into the sea and saved but unfortunately there were lots of problems and I sold it and bought my dream Mavic Pro. It looks so pretty, I'm interested in photography for a long time, looking forward...
  5. Aydin7

    Picture and video from my first flight

    My first flight area near Sillyon antic city Antalya - Turkey Sillyon - Wikipedia
  6. Aydin7

    Antalya - Turkey here :)

    merhaba Antalyadan hi from Antalya