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  1. bjhirsch

    Air 2 ClubMed Kemer 2023 summer vibes & first contact with a mega Yacht drone defence system

    Summer Vibes ClubMed Bodrum. A summer beach vacation needs always a bit more "action" than just swimming & sailing for me, so here is my usual summer vacation postcard with some relaxed flying during our recent trip to ClubMed Bodrum in Turkey. Really a perfect place to relax with always good...
  2. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Turkey Vlog (Bolu Province)

    Hey friends this week we travel from Ankara to Istanbul checking out some amazing and surprising locations along the way :)
  3. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Lake Tuz, Turkey (Tuz Golu)

    This week we finally leave the Turkish Riviera and travel inland towards Turkey's second largest Salt Lake, the pink Lake Tuz ! I know we didn't have much drone shots last week in Antalya but definitely made up for it in this week's episode. Enjoy :)
  4. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro The Turquoise Coast (Turkey Vlog)

    Hey friends, In today's video we continue our journey along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey - exploring Kas, Demre and last but not least the beautiful Korsan Koyu with some lovely drone shots along the way :)
  5. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro The Turkish Riviera (vlog)

    In today's video we continue our journey from Patara to Kas in Turkey, stopping off at some amazing spots along the Turkish Riviera !
  6. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Oludeniz, Turkey

    Hey friends - we had an amazing time in Oludeniz along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey. After visiting Fethiye we spent some time in a nearby campsite and finally made it down to explore the Blue Lagoon and Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz. Charlene even got a bit adventurous and jumped off a mountain
  7. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Fethiye Vlog

    Hey Friends, Monday video for this week in the beautiful Fethiye !
  8. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Dalyan (vlog)

    Hey friends, New vlog today from the southern coast of Turkey - we explore Dalyan, help out at the Koycegiz Dog Shelter and find an epic beach park up !
  9. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Marmaris & Datca Peninsula

    Happy Sunday folks ! This week's video is from Marmaris and the beautiful Datca Peninsula. Oh we loved it so much here along the coast !
  10. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Vanlife Turkey

    Happy Sunday friends :) Have you ever wondered how expensive (or how cheap 😀) it is to travel Turkey with your van or motorhome ? New video is live (including some cheeky drone shots at Lake Salda and the Datca Peninsula) !
  11. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Pamukkale and Lake Salda (Turkey)

    Hey Friends, Today's video is from the beautiful Pamukkale Thermal Springs and Lake Salda. Two absolutely stunning locations in the south west of Turkey. Managed to capture some amazing M2Pro and FPV shots in this one - enjoy !
  12. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro We found Paradise (vlog - Turkey)

    Hello friends, This week's video features some nice flamingos at sunrise, a hike in the jungle and an absolute paradise for sunset with some stellar drone shots - Enjoy !
  13. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Turkey (Babakale & Ayvalik)

    Our Turkey adventures continue ! Let me know which are your favourite drone shots :) All shot on the M2Pro
  14. iamchrisborg

    2 Pro Entering Turkey (vlog)

    Hey friends, First vlog from Turkey is live ! Plenty of drone shots throughout :)
  15. Murat Bozbulut

    Mini Aydos Forest Istanbul - Shot by DJI Mavic Mini with ND filters

    Aydos Forest The highest hill of Istanbul with an altitude of 537 meters. ''Aydos'' means eagle in Greek language. You can easily jog and hike here through the trails besides looking at the beautiful trees and enjoying nature. All footage shot by DJI Mavic Mini in 2.7 K with sunnylife ND...
  16. T

    Istanbul Camlica Hill - Close Up to Largest Mosque in Turkey

    Drone footage of Camlica Mosque, sitting on highest point of Istanbul
  17. Aydin Tamturk

    Drone In Turkey (Turkish Drone Laws)

    Hello fellow pilots , I’ve been wandering and reading all of the forum debates on people whom want to bring their drones to Turkey or whom who want to fly with a drone that is capable of shooting video & photography but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation how to do it ...
  18. S

    flying drone in Turkey

    Ive been in Turkey as a trip - items : mavic pro, 2 batteries(in the plastic bag seperately), laptop, iphone......etc - journey : seoul-istanbul(transfer)-kapadoccia-antalya-istanbul-seoul - airport 1) seoul-ataturk(istanbul) : korean airlines, ok 2) istanbul-kayseri(kapadoccia) : turkish...
  19. H

    Hello from Istanbul - TURKEY

    Hey Everyone I've been a drone pilot for five months. I had a phantom 3 pro but I crashed my P3P into the sea and saved but unfortunately there were lots of problems and I sold it and bought my dream Mavic Pro. It looks so pretty, I'm interested in photography for a long time, looking forward...
  20. Aydin7

    Picture and video from my first flight

    My first flight area near Sillyon antic city Antalya - Turkey Sillyon - Wikipedia