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  1. U

    New member from UAE

    Hello family. I just got my DJI Air 2s and completed the drone registration with GCAA. I'm super excited to try out my first drone and begin my recreational photography journey. The problem is that I live in Abu Dhabi's western region (oilfields) which is TOTALLY a "no fly zone" (I didn't know...
  2. 7

    Air 2 Found this hidden Gem in Abu Dhabi!

    Hello Pilots and creative people. I am sharing this shot and place I found while scouting /Mapping Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Shot in Mavic Air 2 Quick shot- Helix Let me know your thoughts
  3. S

    First Flight over Sea!

    Soul Beach, Saadiyat Island Flew my drone first time over Sea! Do share your thoughts! Thankyou
  4. S

    Greens in the Land of Desert

    Captured at AbuDhabi over a Public Park near Residential Area. It was my third flight and as soon as I took off over 40 metres, pigeons started circling around. Thanks to the people in the thread who had earlier advised to take the drone upwards. I continuously veered it upwards when it came...
  5. S

    Dubai Mavic Pilot

    Hey everyone! Just got my mavic air in Dubai - UAE. Any experiences in good places to start with my drone here in Dubai? Thanks
  6. alifeofimages

    New Mavic 2 pro

    Morning everyone, Santa came early and I found a brand new Mavic 2 Pro combo under the tree (don’t tell the wife Santa she will go potty!!) Thanks for upgrading my Mavic Pro Platinum much appreciated Santa. Currently running through all set up menus (You Tube is my friend). Just registered drone...
  7. Dan_L_E

    Dubai & UAE

    Hey guys, Seems as though they have banned all drones which have cameras in the UAE for personal use. Has this happened anywhere else? So frustrating as the DJI salesman in the store said it's ok to fly bla bla bla, just do a course, but now seems there are heavy fines in place if you're caught...
  8. S

    Travelling to Dubai - Regulations as a tourist?

    I have read a lot about the different rules related to operating drones in Dubai and as far as I understand I need to register my drone with the DCAA before I can enter UAE with my drone? Is this correct? My biggest concern right now is that my drone will be taken by customs, so I just want to...
  9. C

    Abu Dhabi 9 Hour Layover

    So I'm travelling to Europe for 2 months June - August and I have a 9 hour layover in Abu Dhabi. We have booked a hotel within the airport to stay in so we wont be leaving the airport in that time, just wondering how I go about not getting my Mavic confiscated as I know the drone laws there are...