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update issues

  1. J

    Update DJI Fly from vs. 1.2.1 on Android Phone???

    Seems that some folks here have been able to do this, but I can't figure out how: I have been running DJY Fly 1.2.1 on my LG G6 Android (8.0.0) phone for 6 months. (I assume I downloaded it from the Google Play Store initially, but I don't remember.) I did just verify that the G6 is still...
  2. sarasynister

    Firmware update issue with my camera????Help!!!

    I have a brand new drone,never been crashed or damaged. I flew right before doing the fw update with no issues. Then updated and the next day (today) I went to fly and my camera on my mavic pro 2 is strobing bright flashes and the image is all dark with lines. I have a video of it I have...
  3. volition

    Battery Temperatures not appearing in Logs since DJI Fly Updates

    Hi Guys, My first flight on V1.1.8 I noticed that the Battery Temps didn't show in my Airdata UAV logs. I thought that v1.1.9 might have fixed it but had same issue today. Can someone confirm a similar issue or is it specific to me. V1.1.8 V1.1.9
  4. Theo111103

    Connection interrupt while updating Mavic Pro Platinum to 1.04.0500 : Cannot update

    Hello fellow pilots! Ran into an issue updating my Mavic Pro Platinum from 1.04.0300 to 1.04.0500: During flashing the battery gave up creating a sudden stop in flashing. This resulted in the Mavic not completely getting through it's initialisation and firmware start-up. The lights flash, the...
  5. N

    DJI Mavic Pro Battery signal error after firmware update

    Hi, I have just recently updated the firmware on my Mavic pro, it was flying perfect on both batteries a few hours before the update and now it wont accept either battery and wont take off due to the error. Everything else seems to be working fine apart from this. All batteries are genuine DJI...
  6. O

    Two middle lights of battery won’t turn off

    I tried to update my Mavic from 01.04.0000 to the latest version (of 28th Nov.) and the the update did not complete by some reason. To DJI GO4 app asked to try again, and so I did, over and over again. The percentage of the update did never passed 9%. Then the two middle lights of the...
  7. F

    Access Flight Data after firmaware up data to v01.03.1000

    Hi Pilots, Please help me out. Has anyone managed to access their Flight Data after upgrading to Firmware v01.03.1000? I had no trouble before. But since updating, the drive doesn't seem to mount through DJI Assistant 2. I've tried a couple of refreshes, but still no good. I'm...
  8. J

    Attempting a new update

    I did the air space update, then it said there was a firm ware update so I started as usual the app says 100% downloaded but it still has the animation running showing files downloading, the controller says ready to fly. Mavic sitting on the table with yellow light flashing about once a...