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  1. Txiku

    DJI Mini 4 Pro V01.00.0500

    Lately I'm not sure what is going on in terms of the frequency with which firmware updates are being pushed for my DJI M4P, the latest being V01.00.0500 for the aircraft. I am a little concerned that they have been pushing updates without me being aware what has changed. Simply stating “fixed...
  2. Daybreak98

    All updates completed for Mini 3 Pro

    Finally installed all updates available. DJI RC controller updated. Flying database updated. DJI Mini 3 Pro updated DJI intelligent flight battery updated 2 x DJI intelligent flight battery plus updated Updated inside with a fan directed at Mini 3 to keep things cool while updating each...
  3. Smooth Rhythm

    DJI released DJI FLY Update ver 1.5.10

    This update is in the App Store for iOS. Ver. 1.5.10, size 454.3 MB, released 14 hours ago. It states “fixes certain issues and optimizes overall app quality.” No further indication in the App Store as to what this update addresses. Unknown whether there is an update for android at this time...
  4. W

    Mavic Pro - Update or not?

    I've had my Mavic Pro for over a year now, and quit updating shortly after getting it since I was concerned forced updates by DJI would either limit my flight areas or introduce updates that could goon up my perfectly flying drone. I have kept my tablet in airplane mode ever since so it could...
  5. J

    Too many updates!

    Yesterday, I waited until late afternoon to fly my MavicPro and photograph the fall leaves and color. It was about 45 minutes before sunset. Everything was in in place, batteries charged, controller charged, gimble lock off..., power everything up. Uh oh... update required message. OK...
  6. T

    Can I use New Update Offline?

    Hi! I am planning to go hiking soon in a remote region that does NOT have cell phone reception. I want to take my mavic pro with me to get some cool footage. I got the update notification yesterday and I am sort of confused about whether I will be able to use my mavic when I do not have an...
  7. S

    Firmware updates changing settings

    This discussion came up on another thread that was closed, but I believe it's a topic that still needs discussion. So I'm opening a thread about this topic only. Let's stay away from calling the people who program the code and firmware certain names even if it's acceptable to some these days...