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  1. Yaros

    VPS glitch over water scared me today! (Logs Available)

    Hey, today I was making a short flight to take a video of my friends near the beach, I hovered the drone about 5 meters above the water, it was fine for about 20 seconds (from 0:20 to 0:45 in the logs), but then it started behaving erratically (0:45 - 3:45 in the logs). It started drifting, but...
  2. G

    Compare MP vs Spark vs Air, flying indoor with VPS only

    I don't know if this subject had been discuss before. But I am wondering if anybody of good folks here ever tested which one is the most stable & reliable to fly indoor using VPS with low light condition?
  3. Vilco

    Flying indoors: all good without people, but what if people arrives?

    Yesterday I flown my Mavic in a kind of a Lounge Area in a nearby wineyard, the lighting was perfect so it acted just as i expeted it to: Vision mode, stable as with GPS, flown perfectly almost upto the ceiling, at about 10 meters up. The floor is a bright beige/orange color and is tiled, with...
  4. W

    VPS and active track stopped functioning

    Hi, First time poster, long time reader. My Mavic Pro is doing something weird. I entered active track and filmed for a while while riding the lawnmower (exciting, I know!). I then went back to normal flight mode and came in for a landing. When I landed, the drone just landed, without doing...
  5. J

    Drone Help for Project

    Hi all, For my project I am trying to get an accurate positioning of a Mavic PRO drone while in flight, I understand you can obtain the flight log with DJI assistant. Is there a way to obtain the flight log without this software? Also, will the altitude from the Mavik flight data be measured...
  6. V

    Flying Mavic Pro Inside Auditorium with 600 People?

    I have been asked to fly our drone inside an auditorium with over 600 people. Is it possible that the cell signals would interfere with the drone? What other things could potentially go wrong?
  7. R

    HELP! Vps Calibration

    Hi everyone. Right after updating to version .1000 I've got some warningns saying that I needed to calibrate the visual sensors. The thing is, connecting the drone to my computer, and trying to calibrate it in assistant 2 isn't working. When I go to the calibration page, the calibrate button...
  8. Johnny21

    Close encounters with tree branches

    Today I filmed the little river and waterfalls in my hometown valley.I used tripod mode for precision movements and tried to move between branches.Came pretty close one or two times but everything went fine.I had downwards VPS disabled and no-ND filter.
  9. R

    VPS messed up via latest firmware upgrade?

    Hi, I'd just updated to the latest firmware (v01.03.0500) & my (downwards-facing) VPS seems to be messed up. Currently, the VPS read-out will continuously cycle between "0.1m - 0.2m" when the drone is left perfectly untouched on a rigid surface. I'd understand that it is "normal" for the VPS to...
  10. E

    Visual Positioning System (VPS) and Obstacle Avoidance

    1) When is the correct time to ON or OFF the VPS and why? What is the function of VPS? 2) Why does some say that the horizontal obstacle avoidance should be off? I am confuse, isn't it that obstacle avoidance should be turned on at all times (of course not for sports mode). Thank you.