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  1. A

    Mini 2 Dead Sea

  2. B

    Air 2s Recent flooding of Nebraska bridge in Tionesta PA

    This is not out of the ordinary for this bridge to flood. Sometimes it gets really bad and you can just see the top lol. I hope everyone enjoys the video.
  3. P

    DJI mavic mini / mini 2 uncontrolled descent

    Hi everyone, I am a new DJI mini 2 owner. I have seen lots of posts/videos etc about the original mavic mini uncontrollably descending, particularly into water. I would love to fly over water to get some shots but of course do not want to risk this happening to me. I have searched online to see...
  4. Baqca Sanke

    2 Zoom River Surfing in NC - Water flight is Nervewracking

    I got a chance to film some river surfers near Asheville NC. Ledges Park is a fun spot if you're ever in the area. Shithole surfers is the name of the crew that frequents this spot. It was a fun time but flying over water for an hour was pretty nerve wracking.
  5. Julius Danziger

    Air 2 Early morning flight over Bay in Galveston, Texas

    Beautiful sunrise with no wind and the Bay water being very still in Galveston ,Texas Go to: 1.
  6. S

    Pro Rocky Swell along highway 1 in California

    Taken during a drive down the coast from Santa Cruz, lucky my drone didn't get taken by the waves.
  7. JPthePilot

    MM went berserk and dove into the river!

    I’ve been flying my MM for 3 months. On 05 Dec, I planned to fly it over a small river filming the coloured housings along it. GPS signal was weak at first. I proceeded to position the drone in the centre of the river, then had it move forward in C mode. After a few seconds, it went crazy...
  8. Jim D

    2 Pro Serendipity while practicing

    Went over to the high school play field to practice flying/gimbal moves. When changing batteries I finally looked around (not at phone screen) and saw some nice clouds overhead. Flew up to look down on the lake and found this. 6 shot pano, each shot a burst of 5 RAWs stacked and median...
  9. m80116

    EXPLORE Lost Watermill [VIDEO]

    Beat the Summer heat with a refreshing exploration of an old abandoned Watermill by foot with aid from Critter, m80's drone friend. Enter the ancient ruins from below and above in a place where nature overgrowth dominates: water, birds, dragonflies and an ancient stone bridge from 2000 years...
  10. Natural Splendor

    Natural Splendor

    I combined my latest drone shot with my "down-home" acoustic version of "America The Beautiful"
  11. ALan_m10

    Mavic Mini Crashed into the Fjord

    Hi Guys, Seems I'm not the only one who has had this happen to them! Basically, I had my drone up over a nice harbor area here in Oslo and I wanted to get some video footage flying in towards the shore. All was well for a few minutes, I received a high wind warning so I descended but started to...
  12. A

    Vlog by the water (jet skis) w Plenty of M2p shots of islands, inlets. FUN! take your mind off things.

    Finally launched our channel (for which I now have time to edit stuff i've shot) with plenty of M2P shots from the coast of S Florida. a jet ski adventure. enjoy Jay
  13. blackomega

    Tidal waters creating beautiful Rapids

    Hello This is Butzee Rapids MY home is on a small island and behind the island we get these rapids when the tide is right. Enjoy
  14. blackomega

    The SAAM Tug Boat Shuffle

    Just a video of some tug boats Enjoy
  15. B

    DJI Mavic Mini lost connection - Failsafe RTH not working - crashed into the water.

    My DJI Mavic Mini crashed into the water for no reason - 25 january 2020. I've found this video in the cache of my smartphone. The first error was about sd card malfunction and 5 seconds later an error about losing connection appeares. Failsafe RTH didn't work, a sudden movement in the air and...
  16. O

    Mavic Air rescue mission after water flood

    Hello, My Wife Father give me a Mavic Air Which accidently landed one leg in salty water. I recognise on core board, flat ribbon connector is burned. Problem is, anybody know where I can order 2 of them? They are 30 pin (two sides 15 pins each). Kind Regards, Lukasz. I check and I found another...
  17. blackomega

    Skeena River 4K

    Good evening pilots, Sorry its been a while since I have shared anything. The weather has been horrible up in the frozen Canadian north. Plus I crashed my M2Z into a bench and the gimbal has never been the same. Will send it in for DJI care soon Please enjoy the video and as always please...
  18. Jim D

    La Push WA

    MP2, RAW 5 shot bursts stacked and blended, pano stitched in ACR, B&W conversion with Silver FX Pro. Looking north to Rialto Beach South to 2nd Beach
  19. DJ Wes

    Repeatability of Litchi Waypoint Missions

    On my way to work one day I noticed a water tower being built alongside the highway. Since the construction site was not too far from where I live I thought it would be interesting to design a drone mission using Litchi and fly that same mission every day or so as the water tower was being...
  20. Laguna Willcacocha

    Laguna Willcacocha

    Cóndor3D. The Mountain Institute ( dirigida por el Doctor Jorge Recharte, es una ONG que durante más de 20 años ha estado al lado de las necesida...