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  1. A

    3 Classy 42' Motor Boat in front of Seattle this time, just finished

    Finished this one just now and didn't want to wait to share it. Really digging the high energy in the opening shot, something that is much easier to get with smaller boats. A fun fact on this one, the aft cockpit shot at 0:23 is interesting because I had a huge light illuminating the boat that...
  2. A

    3 46' Motor Boat in the San Juan Islands in Washington, one of my personal favorites

    I was really happy with the colors and shots when I finished this one. Thoughts? You may notice there's 2 different locations, this was the video from my post about the corrupted SD card. I ended up taking a ferry up to the islands and biking from Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor and back to...
  3. A

    3 Shot a 70' Trawler Yacht on a really muggy day in Seattle, how'd it come out?

    Would love some thoughts on my most recent video. Had some trouble making sure the drone footage didn't just come out grey and dark. This is the second boat from the Delta shipyard that I've shot and they're amazing ships. Also I started taking off/landing while the boat is moving instead of...
  4. A

    Air 2 Another larger vessel, 90' Motor Yacht on Lake Washington

    This was actually all shot in the morning despite the sunset look. It was one of those days that was quiet, still, and orange all day. Only thing that was missing was the green flash from Pirates of the Caribbean. She felt like a gentleman's country club which I later heard was an intentional...
  5. A

    Air 2 A larger boat this time, 100' Motor Yacht by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    This boat was in near perfect condition due to only having 1 owner who kept it in a boat house for 30 years. One of the more fun shoots I've been on in the last year. Enjoy!
  6. A

    Air 2 Posting a much bigger boat this time, a 75' Motor Yacht

    The bigger boats are much less dynamic and can result in a less engaging video from time to time, when compared to the ~30' speed boats that can do donuts. Does anyone have any recommendations on how we can make things more active without adding tacky transistions/vfx?
  7. V

    Air 2 Silver Shalis Yacht | Sanibel Island

    Video was recorded in 4K, not sure why the playback is maxed out at 720?!
  8. blackomega

    The CV9 Yacht

    Oh to have money. Ship spotting video to come later
  9. B

    Droning in Devon // DJI Mavic Pro (4K)

    Hey guys, Check out my new video on YouTube! Droning in Devon Cheers in advance, appreciate your feedback. James
  10. G

    Poolbeg Yacht Club - Dublin, Ireland

    A beautiful day in Dublin, Mavic's first trip abroad!