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3 errors on updates and vision recal issues.

John Gowland

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Jun 23, 2017
Three errors on updates and vision recalibrations.
Before I go to DJI, has anyone come across these errors and have a solution.
I would rather resolve the issue before send the craft back to DJI.
I went to the web site but found no updates.
Do we use the same interactive screen for vision recalibrations?

First error report
first error.jpg
Second error page
second error.jpg

Third error message
three errors.jpg

Has anyone experienced these issues and have a solution?
Should have mentioned this is on the Mavic 2 Zoom, checked all updates, get the messages on BT glasses and 2 phones.
The craft still flies fine but I don't want to with errors. This has been happening for about 5 days.
Just keeps saying Update failed and networked disconnected.
The network is fine, everything else connects to it.update failed-Screenshot.jpgupdate failed-Screenshot.jpg


  • update failed-Screenshot.jpg
    update failed-Screenshot.jpg
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repeated this error many times.
So I downloaded the DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic v2.0.2
Mavic 2 - Specifications, FAQs, Videos, Tutorials, Manuals - DJI
It refused to download the firmware updates so I attempted the sensor recalibration, again many times.
I found the sensor recalibration very flaky, not at all as smooth as the sensor recalibration for the Mavic Pro or the Mavic Air.
It just did not work in particular the side sensors refused to let me follow the dotted squares in the top left corners.
I gave up after a low battery on the M2 r/c and two M2 batteries.
I will give it a rest and try tomorrow.
I am not sure Kilrah what you mean by

"Post the about page with all versions."
I’m glad to see this only for the fact that I have recalibrated my vision as well for times and still get the same error coming up I installed the newest firmware went out for some test flights seem to have a little lag on the band with and distance I think the newest firmware is crap they haven’t spent enough time working out the bugs in the coding is not very good not up to Apple or Google that’s their main problem is coding that’s the problem we’re having with this calibration it keeps telling us to do I don’t believe myself there is a calibration problem with the vision sensors I think it’s a bug in the software so anyway I went back to the first firmware and the problem still exist with calibrate version sensors on DJI assistant 2, like I said still keep getting the same error to calibrate vision system I’ve been playing for two years I have a phantom for pro love the camera on that but the software is horrible lotta bugs it’s amazing you have $1 billion company that cannot seem to get it right and you cannot talk to anyone that will speak English and give you a solution I’m sure everyone will agree with this within a few years and American company will come out with a wonderful drone that will spank DJ I artel robotics is one of them anyway sorry for the long message but yeah it sucks $1900 and I have this stupid error popping up when I start up the drone but like I said I wouldn’t worry about it just pretend it’s not there and fly safe
I am afraid you are right [B]maven4336[/B] but it is very frustrating to fly knowing there are reported errors even if the errors are erroneous.
I will forward the conversation on to DJI and hope they reply with a solution.
Thanks very much maven4336.
DJI got back to me within a couple of hours, pretty good really. English was not perfect but perfectly understandable and quite cute.
So the instructions were update via DJI Assistant 2, even though I had already done that.
2nd carry out a IMU calibration and if the gimbal was not calibrated...
3rd do a Gimbal calibration.
If these fail return it to use via the enclosed link and we will fix it for you.

Failed the IMU calibration so off to DJI it goes.

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